Delta Tri-Angle 2015 Issue 3 - Page 5

WILLIAMSVILLE STONE Williamsville Stone has been busy supplying rock for various projects including: the new Poplar Bluff High School and the new Poplar Bluff High School football stadium. Route 160 in Butler and Reynolds Counties will get some much needed work with a project which began this fall. Approximately 38,000 tons base material will be consumed which is being supplied by Delta Companies’ Williamsville Quarry. The quarry crew is currently in the process of blasting and loading out a new 40 ft. deep ramp in the bottom of the existing 150 ft. deep quarry. The new 40 ft. deep ramp will be 475 ft. long at an 8% slope in order to provide an efficient grade to minimize quarry truck fuel consumption. New Williamsville Stone quarry ramp CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WILLIAMSVILLE STONE CREW FOR GOING THE ENTIRE YEAR WITH ZERO MSHA CITATIONS. New Williamsville Stone quarry ramp Williamsville Stone – new Poplar Bluff high school football stadium location Williamsville Stone – Poplar Bluff High School upgrade Rt. 160 CAPE SHOP RECEIVES 6S SILVER LEVEL AWARD The Cape Girardeau Shop earned the Colas 6S Shop Certification – Silver Level in May 2015. In October 2015, Jim Weeks (Senior Vice President of Operations – COLAS) visited Delta Companies Inc. During his visit, Mr. Weeks presented the Colas 6S Shop Certification – Silver Level  Award trophy to the Cape Girardeau Shop which is one of only two shops through Colas, Inc. to earn the Silver Level. The Colas 6S Shop Certification is comprised of the following six standards: • Safety • Straighten • Standardize • Sort • Shine • Sustain Tony Shafer (Shop Manager) commented on the visit: “I am grateful to the guys in the shop – they deserve to be congratulated on their hard work and efforts in keeping our shop environment safe, clean, and organized.” | 5