Delta Tri-Angle 2015 Issue 3 - Page 3

LUCKY OR GOOD? Our president, Ric Neubert, recently shared a safety message at our monthly P&L Review/ Administrative Meeting regarding light bulbs. Wait…light bulbs? Yes, light bulbs. Mr. Neubert explained how well he knows his garage layout: he knows where the lawn mower resides; he knows where the trash cans sit; he knows where the shelving is and how far it protrudes into the room; he even knows the path from the house door to the cabinet he needs to access. He knows all of this because he has made the trip hundreds, if not thousands, of times. However, the electricity to the garage had been temporarily disconnected, thereby causing the garage to have no lighting. Mr. Neubert needed something from the garage and, of course, it was after dark. Mr. Neubert’s thoughts prior to entering the garage were, “I’ve done this a thousand times before in the dark without incident. Tonight will be no different.” Then he remembered that he is responsible for his own safety, and only he can make the choice to be safe or take a risk. So he retrieved a flashlight, and only then BY: DON ROSENBARGER did he proceed into the dark garage and accomplished his task without incident. No incident? What’s the point of this story? The point of Mr. Neubert’s story is: we are responsible for our own safety, whether it be as individuals or as a company. The choice to commit safe (or unsafe) acts is our own choice to make, so make sure you are always choosing the right one: the safe one. While I was visiting my father over the Labor Day weekend, I was driving north on I-65 in southern Indiana to visit my sister (and enjoy some of her delicious chocolate chip cookies). Dad, who was in the front passenger seat, made the comment, “You’re driving with your wrist, aren’t you, Son?” He was correct – I often drive with my left wrist over the steering wheel. In fact, I have been driving that way for so long that I have callouses on my left wrist from doing so. I have done it that way for years and years without incident. Why would today be any different? Dad then posed a question: “What if you have a blow out or hit something in the road – do you think you will be able to control the wheel and the vehicle?” Wow. My father (who will be ninety years young in November) continues to teach me! I am not going to say I have conquered this habit, but I have recognized it as a possible safety hazard and am working to correct it. Mr. Neubert and I have been fortunate these habits haven’t caused any harm yet. Let’s face it, we have been lucky. As individuals and a company, we must constantly strive to bet our future (perhaps, our very lives) on being good – knowing, understanding, and following the proper procedures – NOT on being lucky! The continuous improvement of our existing processes and creation of new processes to ensure a safe environment, whether at work or at home, is a part of the Zero-Incident Performance program we are in the process of rolling out across the company. READY MIX MISSION COMPLETE: ORGILL EXPANSION The Sikeston Ready Mix Plant has completed its final pour, finishing a secondary entrance to the Orgill Warehouse expansion and the 11,000+ cubic yards of ready mix project in its entirety. There were many who put in the hard work and long hours to bring this project to success. From the plant manager, batch man, drivers (from all of Delta’s plants), and QC, the amount of cooperation and communication was greatly appreciated. To complete a job of this size (at night!) with absolutely zero incidents speaks volumes to the quality and dedication of Delta’s employees. A thank you also goes to everyone that has worked so well with while this project was underway.  DEXTER SAND & GRAVEL CONGRATULATIONS TO THE DEXTER SAND & GRAVEL CREW FOR GOING THE ENTIRE YEAR WITH ZERO MSHA CITATIONS! | 3