December 2017 Magazines 89123 - Page 12

Letter from the Editor Having called Las Vegas home for the past 47 years, I’ve always known what an amazing city we live in. There’s no place I’d rather live or have raised a family. On Oct 1st the unthinkable happened, and it rocked our city to the core. No one could have predicted the events that would transpire that evening and how it would change people’s lives forever. Still, what didn’t change, in fact it only shown brighter, was the true resolve and spirit of Las Vegas citizens. Heroes from all walks of life stepped up when they were needed most. Most visitors never see the true Las Vegas community that we have and, honestly, why would they? They are here to be on the Strip, and we are thankful that they come. But what they did learn, as did the rest of the world, is what a true community is all about. People helping people regardless of the danger they themselves were in; strangers donating money to help with expenses; volunteers creating a Healing Park in less than a week so that others could begin the heal- ing process. It was truly moving and one of the reasons why I’m so thankful to call Las Vegas home. From everyone here at Pinpoint Publications, we send thoughts and prayers of healing to all those affected by this horrible tragedy. We will always remember the victims, that is a given. Yet we must continue to live our lives to the fullest, never allowing the acts of evil in our world to crush our resolve. #Vegasstrong The months have flown over this past year, with the holiday season officially here. With Thanksgiving behind us, the mad dash to Christmas and the end of 2017 begins. When pur- chasing gifts for those you love, remember to support our local merchants. Sure it’s easier to just click a button on your computer, but the money spent with stores owned by com- munity members does so much more than fill a gift space under the tree. Many give back to numerous charities, pro- vide unique products you won’t find elsewhere, and help to create dollars that stay right here in the Las Vegas communi- ty. It’s another way of showing that you support local busi- ness owners. On behalf of everyone at the Zip Code Magazines, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season, with hopes for peace and civility, and dreams that come true for you and your family. Happy New Year’s as well and, as always, we’ll see you around the neighborhood. Thanks, Greg GREG WAGONSELLER Editor-in-Chief