December 2017 Magazines 89074 - Page 62

12 December 12.1 – First Friday Downtown Las Vegas Arts District in Downtown Las Vegas, Casino Center Blvd. Bring the entire family to enjoy thematic art exhibits, music, food and excellent people watching at this highly popular monthly event in Downtown Las Vegas. Visit for more information. 12.1 – Library Tree Lane Gala Paseo Verde Library, 280 S. Green Valley Pkwy. Celebrate the holiday season by supporting Friends of Henderson Libraries at a festive night of fine foods, bev- erages, and silent and live gift basket auctions. Tickets available at 12.1-3, 7-10, 14-17 – Nevada Conservatory Theatre Presents A Christmas Carol Judy Bayley Theatre @ UNLV, 4505 S. Maryland Pkwy. Mean-spirited and greedy, Ebenezer Scrooge is visited by four apparitions that show him what the meaning of good will, cheer and joy to all mankind truly means. This new adaptation will take a look at the diverse melting pot that is the multi-cultural world we live in. Visit for tickets and showtimes. 12.1, 2, 8 & 9 – Christmas Express Western Elite, 2745 North Nellis All aboard the Christmas Express. A magical holiday experience presented by Western Elite, the express will transport guests from the company’s rural property to the North Pole and beyond, complete with food, festiv- ities and merriment for the whole family. Reservations required. Call 702-440-4242 or visit for info. 12.1-17 – Theatre in the Valley Presents Snow Child Theatre in the Valley, 10 West Pacific Ave. Colorful costumes, a charming winter set and plenty of snow set the stage for this warm and tender tale of the toymaker Dimitri and his wife Katya who long for a child to love. Magic prevails when a child made of snow becomes a real girl. Visit for tickets and showtimes. 12.1-23 – Orleans Hotel & Arena Lineup Orleans Casino and Arena, 4500 W. Tropicana Ave. Orleans’ December calendar is bustling with entertainment and rodeo events, including Manheim Steamroller Christmas by Chip Davis (12.1); Las Vegas Soul Festival (12.2); In Barrel Race (12.10-12 & 15-17); the Continental Tire Classic (12.22-23) and more. Visit for showtimes and tickets. 12.1-24 – Operation North Pole Tivoli Village, 420 S. Rampart Blvd., Ste. 120. This one-of-a-kind, interactive holiday experience takes children and their families on an enchanted adventure through the Candy Cottage, the Elves’ Toy Workshop, Mrs. Claus’ Kitchen, reindeer stables and Santa’s office. Each child will receive hot cocoa and cookies. Visit for info. 12.1-31 – Magical Forest Opportunity Village, 6300 W. Oakey Blvd. Las Vegas’ most beloved winter wonderland experience returns with fabulous holiday displays, carnival foods, a gingerbread house display, games, rides for the kids and much more. Visit for tickets and info. 12.1-31 – Events at the Smith Center The Smith [\ ͌H[\۞H\]K[]\[Y\ۘ[^ LH N[\[ۚX\ܛX[\ LN[\ۚXŠ LN[Y\ΈY\܈HY^\ L NJN[YH[ܙ[ LMKLMNH]ܘX\ LMKL N’ܚ\[[][[ܙK\]˝\Z][\H܈[˂LKLH8$\Y\\X\ۂ]8&&H[  MHˈܝ\XH HY[YH[\ۙ\[[X]\HۙK[ًXKZ[[\Z[Y[[]X[ۜ[Y[[XB][[H Y\X\YK L YY[[  \\[\\^\Z[YKZ[[ۙK][H]\YHۛ٘[ݙ\ Z[[ۈ\[[Y[]X[ܙKX]]˛\ݙY\\X\ۋKLKLKH8$][H]x&\Y^HX\\[][H]HXܞK X\\[][x&\ XXܙHX\\[[HY]ݙ\HZ[[ۈ[[Y[[\X[\^\Y]HY^\ˈHZHH[ۈZ\]XH][[H][K[\HYH[B]\[[HHX\ۋ\]˙][KY^[Y˘H܈[˂LKLKH8$^\X[\[\ۙ\[[x&\ۈ[  LLLP[\KH[8&\^\X[\[ۘHYZ[HXY[Y^HY[[\H]H[\ۙ\[[YH[Y^KZ[\Y\\Yˈ؛H[H\]\X\\^HY[^H[[Xˈ ˈ\]˜[\ۛH܈]Z[˂L8$ L[X[\Y\ܙX][H[۝ۈ\Y\”]ۈ[\YZ][\X\]H[\ۙ][YH[Y][ۈ[[Z\[][\]H]]B[\Z[Y[ X[\[ܜ\X][[\[H[X]Y R[[ HZ[Hܚ\ܚ[H[B[ˈ\]˛ܝ[]][YKܙ܈Y\][ۈ[[ܛX][ۋ