December 2017 Magazines 89074 - Page 57

A Step Above 2018 Carter Gehlken All-star. Straight A’s. Altruistic tendencies. These are the triple A’s that make Green Valley High School sen- ior Carter Gehlken stand out in a major way. He’s a hard working baseballer with plenty of awards and des- ignations to show for the discipline and rigor that’ve brought him to the top of his game. He applies the same maximum effort and intensity to all that he does off the field as well, holding close to his heart a philosophy that: “If you are able to do the things you love and enjoy, you are a successful person.” With that in mind, he focuses his intention on being a better person each day, and for that, Carter Gehlken is– A Step Above. G.P.A.: 4.8 Sports/Clubs/Activities: • JV Football, 2014-2015; Captain, 2014-2015 • Varsity Tennis, 2016-2017; Captain, 2017 • JV Baseball, 2015; Captain, 2015 • Varsity Baseball, 2016-Present; Captain, Present • National Honor Society Member, 2015-Present • Sun Youth Forum Member, 2016-2017 • Varsity Quiz Bowl Team Member, 2017 • We The People Competition Contestant, 2017 • Boy Band Choreography Team, 2014-2017 • Homecoming Court Member, 2017 • Internship with Dr. Steven Garhardt, DDS, 2017 • GVHS Theater’s Mamma Mia–Background Dancer, 2017 Awards/Community Service: • 1st Team All-Region Outfielder–Baseball, 2016 • 2nd Team All-Southern Nevada Outfielder–Baseball, 2016 • 1st Team All-Region Infielder–Baseball, 2017 • 2nd Team All-Southern Nevada Infielder–Baseball, 2017 • All-State Honorable Mention Infielder–Baseball, 2017 • All-State Academic Team–Baseball, 2014-Present • Scholar Athlete Baseball, 2014-Present • All-State Academic Team–Football, 2014-2015 • Scholar Athlete–Football, 2014-2015 • All-State Academic Team–Tennis, 2016-2017 • Scholar Athlete–Tennis, 2016-2017 • GVHS Athlete of the Month–Baseball, March 2017 • GVHS Student of the Month–Physical Education, September 2014 • College Board AP Scholar with Distinction, 2014-Present • Valedictorian Candidate • Miracle League of Las Vegas Volunteer, 2013-Present • Blessing Bags for Homeless of Southern Nevada, 2016-Present What’s it like volunteering for Miracle League of Las Vegas? “I work with individuals with cognitive and/or physical disabilities to help them play baseball. For many of these kids and adults, their weekly Miracle League game is the highlight of their week, and being a part of that experience is heart-warming.” Tell us about your experience with collegiate level athletics. “From August to December of both my junior and senior year, I worked out with the CSN baseball team before school 4 days each week, in addition to taking honors and AP courses, playing two varsity sports and maintaining straight A’s. This experience taught me a lot about the value of pushing yourself to your total limit, time management, setting goals and working hard.” Who is someone you look up to and why? “I look up to my dad. His ability to be a kind and compassionate person is a tremendous example to everyone around him. He is able to make anyone laugh or smile. In addition, his well-rounded nature has become a great example to my sister and myself to become better all-around humans.” December/January 2018 Do you have a favorite quote? “’Imagination is greater than detail,’ by Albert Einstein. I love this quote because it emphasizes the use of our brain in an out-of-the-box manner. We can get too wrapped up in learning things and thinking like everyone else. Having big dreams and thinking equally as big is an impor- tant aspect of human advancement and innovation.” 57