December 2017 Magazines 89074 - Page 20

Looking for a way to give back this holiday season and beyond? Here are five local organizations dedicated to making the season bright for disad- vantaged and underserved children, adults and seniors in our community. Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada 1511 N. Las Vegas Blvd. | (702) 385-2662 Catholic Charities has been providing holiday meals and a warm place to enjoy them every year since it opened in 1965. You can help keep this magic alive with a donation of cash, food or time. They also have a goal this year to provide 1000 toys to the children of their registered clients, and they’ll need volunteer elves to help sort them out. Toys for children ages 3-11 and gift cards for older children are welcomed donations now through December 16th. They’re also accepting Christmas greeting cards for homebound seniors. To volunteer for food service or toy sorting, they ask that you register in advance at Three Square Food Bank | 4190 N. Pecos Rd. | (702) 644-3663 Three Square’s motto is “Together we can feed everyone,” and they are certainly doing their part! Through various programs, they source food, raise funds and rely on volunteers to help supply food and services to an estimated 279,000 “food insecure” people in Southern Nevada. From now until December 31st, the food bank’s generous friends will be matching monetary donations for Three Square’s Holiday Match. That means that every $10 donated will provide 60 meals to hungry tummies. Donate today or learn about volunteer opportunities at Toys 4 Smiles | 4315 5ѥȸMєȤȴ)QͥQ̀ЁḾ́Ѽɽ٥ѽѼɕ́)͵ݡɽ٥͕͔͔ɥչ)Ѽѡȁٽչѕ̸Q́ɔɽݽѡȁݽɭ͡)ɥѕЁٕ́ɽչѡ丁Q䁅Ёѥ́)ѕɥ́ѥYͥЁܹѽ͵ͱٕ̹ɜѼɸɔ)QMمѥɵ䁽Mѡɸ9م(A1Ȥ) ѡյ̰ѡMمѥɵɽ٥́ѡɹɔ) ɥѵ́ɕ͕́ȁɱٕ啅Ȱ)ɥѕ́䁅ͥхѼɔѡ̸ԁɕ)Յ丁Yչѕ́́Ёͥeԁ)ͽɥ ɥѵ́٥Qɕѥѽ䁑ɥٔѥ)ѕ́ѽ̰ȁٽչѕɥѼɕѱɥȸ)܁Ёܹͅمѥɵͽѡɹمɜ)Q́ȁQ)Q5ɥ ́Q́ȁQ́ɽɅѕѽ̴́)ɥѕѡѼ܁ɕѡ́Ё啅Ȱɕѡ䁽) ɥѵ́Ѽ́չєɕхѕ̰ AՕѼIѡ)Yɝ%ͱ̸Aѥѥ́́ͥ́ѥܰչɅѽ)Ё䁹յȁɽͥѕ́ѡم쁄Ёչ)ܹѽ͙ѽ̹ɜ5х䁑ѥ́ɔͼݕ(Ƚ)Յ)%ԁݕɔѡ)٥ݕ́ݡչѼѡ)Յ5éQ͝٥)AɅ ԁЁٔ)ѥɽѡ́ˊ@)ɵٕͽAAյȁѼ%٥) ɱẽqQ́́ɕЁ չtQхѕչѥ́ѡ)əɵѡ́ɥєѼɥéх䁅ɔЁ ) ɽ݅䰁ѥ݅ɓAݥѡɔ́ɥЁ@)ݥѠѕȁЁȁٕ䁽ݸMѠ ѕȁȁѡAəɵ)̸ѡ́ѡ͕ݕɔ͕ѕ䁅Ցѥ)٥ȁѡȁѼѥمєՑ̸)]͔ɔɽՐѡЁ́ݡɕɗ@)͕ѕȁȁ䄁ѡݕɔ׊A啅ˊA5ѡ)ɽѠ1ѡɅ!Mѡ՝ѕȁѥٔTL)ȁɍӊA啅ˊA55ѥɽɕY)!Mݡ͔Ʌѡȁ͕ٕѡɽѡѕȁ)]ɱ]ȁ%$ѥхх́Ց-Ʉ) Ʌѱ䀠Ĥ) 䀠5ͽФ5ɝMѕ݅(Ф5儁]Ф Ʌ呕i Ʌձѥ́)ݕ)Aյ=͡(ȁ踁Ʌ(ĸԁ踁յɕ(ā՝ȁՉ)5Ց՝ȁՉյ)ɕѼՉ)̸͡ѡ)ݥѠѥȸ)ɹ͠ݥѠɅ)5Ʌ͍䰁ͥɕ)Iѕ䁽QɅ䁅(ɕЁMи)) ɽ݅Q́9܁eɬ)QMمѥɵẽqI-ѱt)́܀Ё啅́)ɑѼѡɝѥe)ݕͥєɥ́ѡѥ)ٕȁɅ͕Ը䁵̰)ݥѠͽѕѠ)ɥ̸́