December 2017 Magazines 89052 - Page 71

Livin’ Local jeep outing to spice up the adventure. Tour guides are seasoned hospitality profession! als with a penchant for food, fun and facts. Along the way you’ll be privy to back stories of celebrity chefs and sights in new and old Vegas, as well as art installations spotted along the way. They’ll also answer any ques! tions you might have about other restaurants they recommend (both local and on the Strip) Lip Smacking Foodie Tours and you’ll most likely have a chat with a chef or two while dining. It’s great for a special occasion, when you have out!of!towners to entertain, or if you just With so many fine dining restaurants on Las Vegas Blvd., want to relax and try something new while receiving and now the Downtown corridor, it can be intimidating celebrity!like line passes at the most popular spots the deciding just where you want to go, not to mention the city has to offer. decisions of what to eat when you get there. So many choices, so many offerings. Will I get it right or crumple We chose the Boozy Brunch tour that’s offered on under the self!imposed pressure to make just the right Saturdays and Sundays from 10:30 until 1:00. Meeting in menu selection? It’s real, people. For the serious con! front of “Focus”, the 250!foot!long, 24!feet!high water noisseur of food, that is, and it’s what makes Lip wall in front of the Aria, our adventure began by meeting Smacking Foodie Tours a great option for the adven! Donald, who would be our tour guide for the day; a love! turesome eater wanting a day off from first world prob! ly couple from Austria; and two great girls from Texas, lem decision making. one of which was a food blogger. After briefly watching the dancing water fountain–a mesmerizing spectacle of Founded by young foodiepreneur Donald Contursi, Lip airborne, flying water that resembles fireworks in the Smacking offers a variety of walking tour options that sky–we headed off on our flavor mission. allow you to eat the most popular dishes at some of the best restau! rants in town, all while never having to look at a menu, wait in line or lay down the tip. brunch, Choices include afternoon and evening excursions that take you to between three and five of the hottest restau! rants in the city. Each stop treats you to at least three signature dish! es, with add on options for drink pairings, a helicopter ride or even a