December 2017 Magazines 89052 - Page 55

Meet the Neighbor By Callie Thomas T IS THE SEASON OF WONDER, MAGIC, HOPE and love. Sharing it with friends and family, including our four-legged members, is at the center of it all. Our furry friends make our hearts happy all through the year, and it’s especial- ly good to know that someone like Tim Tyler is helping rescue dogs at The Animal Foundation in Las Vegas find their forever homes. Mission: Possible 2020 is a strategic initiative to save the lives of all healthy and treatable animals that come to the Foundation in need by the end of 2020. “The new facility will include veterinary care and isolation areas for sick pets as well as educa- tion and new adoption centers, and even a meet and greet area for prospective families to interact with adoptive pets.” The three-year Henderson resident remembers how his love of dogs and desire to volunteer and advocate for them began. “I got started volunteer- ing with animals (dogs in particular) back in 1996 after getting my first dog as an adult and quickly realized how beneficial it was to me in countless ways,” said Tyler. “I feel that all domestic animals can fill that role for people.” Tyler also lends a hand at a variety of the Foundation’s fundraising efforts, including the recent Barksgiving Fest that included a doggy pumpkin pie eating contest and a fall photo station with selfie photo props and giveaways. The annual Giving Tuesday event provides an opportunity for everyone to make a homeless pet’s wishes come true by making donations for items off of the Foundation’s Amazon Wish List. Donors provide needed supplies from puppy formula and kitten cat food to medical supplies, blankets and toys. For a complete list of upcoming Animal Foundation events, prospective adoptive families can visit Tyler has many volunteer responsibilities at The Animal Foundation, including working extensive- ly with the dogs on campus, taking photos, videos and preparing reports f"FRFF@&Vf"FV22vV2767FrvF7V6WfVG2( ĒFƗGFR&BbWfW'Fr'WB&Ч&ǒv&vF7V6VVG2Fw2ƖR&Vr'BbFR&GFRF&VGV6RWBfW'VFfVV6RVRFG&VBFV"2&WGFW"@VvWBWG2FFVBFw&VBW2( Ф2b6&rf"2VVBBFRfVFFvW&V( BVVvGW"66fW2fWpWG&W'2FRvVVFfVFVW"BFPVFW'66&Rb6G&f6ƗG( ĒFBf"FR2( R6B( vfrFVFRGFVЧFBffV7FFWVVBV2FVBGW&V2FR6VG( ХF&VvWBBGW.( 276ƖW2vF7V6VVG2Fw2v&R&FW7BFfBfrFFfPW22BV2fWr7V6VVG2W07W'&VFǒ6GW.( 2RFV"v( ĒVFPW'66VvRbv&rvFFff7VBFw0BVFW"vfrFVFFFVF &frB( &VBbFRVW&W266W0FB( fRVVBF&W6fR6FBFW6RFw2&RƗbЦrFV"ǒWfW"gFW"( )x`FV6V&W"V'#FRfVFF2&fB&v旦ЧFFB&VvsB266FW&VBFRvЦW7BfVR6vR6FR6VFW"W&67BV"FRfVFF6fVBV&ǒ#7BVW72BgFV֗7G&VFVB2( BЧFW"r66"W&VBFRfVFFFW2WfW'( GW"6B( Fw26G2&"Ц&G2w2fvFr&7FW'2"WF22vP6W'fRFVN( 2fW'W6FrFR&vBr@FRfVFF2vRW6&BFR֗76㠥76&R##&V7FfRBFR67G'V7FbV6VVFVBWrFFf6ƗG( Ю( SP