December 2017 Magazines 89052 - Page 36

Feeling Fit Stress and the Holidays Taking Control for Better Health The holidays are a joyous time filled with family, friends, food and fun. Still, many of us feel as if we’re being pulled in numerous directions with so much to do, and very lit- tle time to do it, sending our bodies into a state of constant stress. In the realm of fitness and body transformation, stress is nothing we can overlook or brush aside. Sarah Ingmanson Battaglia, owner of Star’s Locker fitness studios provides sound advice for alleviating stress and the food cravings that often accompany it. Her insight can help you maintain positive and healthy goals, despite the hustle and bustle of the season. Is all stress created equal? It’s important to understand that not all stress is the same. Perpetual low-grade stress – think nagging to-do list or annoying coworkers – is actually much worse than occasional high-level stress like we may experience in desperate emergencies or trau- ma. Our bodies are designed for the latter, shutting down to some degree as the body triggers the fight-or-flight response. Unfortunately, it is perpetual low-grade stress that most people are operating under day-in and day-out. This includes trying to be all things to all people, but even a diet that’s too restrictive can be a source of low-grade stress, causing you to hold onto weight despite low calorie intake. Why does stress make us fat? The mid-section is where we hold the stress-hormone cortisol. Under constant, low- grade stress, cortisol levels elevate and, if not addressed, particularly in the female body, hormonal imbalances and adrenal fatigue are unfortunate outcomes, with belly fat as an unavoidable side-effect. Elevated cortisol causes a variety of issues, including carbohy- drate cravings, h ѕٕͥѕ̸Q́́ѡ݅䁽ȁѕ́́ݗeɔ)ЁݥѠݡӊé́ɕ͕eԁ䁉ѕ͕ѡݽɱ(ٕѡ͕́$ٔЁѡ̄Ёȁ́ɔѥձ䁵ٕȁ) ѹ́ͽɍɕ)%ᅍѱѡ݅ͅ䁱Ս́ɕ̰ͽѥ͕́Ѽͥѕ(ЁȁЈ䁑ѥѽɐȁ䁽ٕȁɍ͕ͥ́ѡٕɕ)׊eɔ她ѼٽeȁݥݽɬȁԁԁɅ͙ɴɽɱ䃊LѡЁ)ɍͥѥȁѕɴɕձ́ѕեก%ԁЁЁѽɐ)ѡݥͽѕѕ԰ɕչ̰̰݅Ёѡɴ)ѥՔɅ٥̰䰁ѡȁɵ͕́ͅх)]Ё́ѡЁ݅Ѽɕ()$ɕхɕ́ѡɽ՝݅ɕ̰͕ٔѕѥɔ)ѥɕٕ丁%ѡՑԝȁѡՍѽ́ѡ͔)ѕɵ̸5ѡѡ́ѥՑ́͡彝̸$ٔ)ٕ䁕ٽȁ͡ձٽѱɥЈɕ́ѡ䁍ѥQ)ɕ́ՍѕȁݥѠɕѕȁхݡѡ́и)Ƚ)Յ)MA=9M=I =9Q9P)$Ё݅Ё䁽䁍̜ѹ́ɽѥ́ȁѥɕ)Ѽͽɍɕ$݅ЁЁѡͥє)]ЁЁɅ٥́ͽѕݥѠɕ) ɈɅ٥́ɔѕѕɥ镐̀՝ȁѥ)٥́ѼЁѕȁѥѥ́ɔեЁɥɥ䁽)́ݔɔɕɕ́и$ձͅ$ٔ)ݡєѥݡ́Ё́ɽ̀ȁɡ́ɽ)ѡȁ՝ȁѥ]Ёݔյٕ)ѕ́ݡЁݔյٕ䁑丁Qɽ՝Ʌ͙ȴ)ѥɽɅ̰$́ɕ́ݥѡЁՌ)յѼչɽ$ɅЁѽ镐)́ȁ䁥ՑɅ͙ɵѥ́䁱х)̀хЁMх̤ 䁑ٕɥՍɔ$х݅)ѡՕݽɬѥ䈁̸]Ѡѡ)ͽչ䁍́ɔɝ镐ɥ)ݕȁɅ٥̸Q䁅ɔͼ镐Ё܁Սѕȁѡ)́ѡ݅эѡȁ͕ѥѥѕ]Ѡͥ)ɽɥЁ屔$ݽɬѼѡȁɅش)́Ёݡѥѕȁɥѥ̸5䁽ѥٔ)ЁѼ́ɽݕЁե$݅ЁѼѡ)ٔȁѡѕɴݡѕɥȁх)ɕ́ɥѡ́啅ȁ)MɅ́ѕѹ́ѡ)YܸͥḾȁ5 )ɽ]ѽ5ɽѡ1Ց)%ѥє Mյ մ)1ՑɽQՙ̸Q́ɵȁᕍԴ)ѥٔɕѽȁЁ5ɝMх䰁ɼ)ͥɔͭѕȰձɥ)MȰ́݅ɐݥѹ)ѥѽȰՍѽȰѡȸ)MɅх́ѡх݅́ѡ)݅ݕɕѹ̸ȁɔ)ɵѥ٥ͥЁхͱȹ)Ԥȴఁȁѽ)LѕɸٔMє!ͽ