December 2017 Magazines 89014 - Page 41

Petpourri Active & Outdoorsy Whether they hit the trails here or venture outside the valley, an extra layer of warmth and weather protection is always appreciated. This waterproof coat by Kurgo is one of several options available. Get it at $35. Perfect for the rugged pup of an outdoorsy owner, the Backcountry Nylon Collar by Hamilton comes in a plethora of fitting patterns and sizes. Available at most retail pet outlets, including Petco. $19. Have a friend whose pup has seemingly endless energy? Give the gift of endless exercise with the K9 Cannon by HyperPet. Launching the ball over 75 feet, it allows for hands-free ball pick up. Available in a mini version at local stores, including FleaBag’s and The Dog House. $10-13. For the friend who hits the trail hard with their dog, a set of Step N Strobe Dog Shoes by Kurgo is a functional gift designed to protect paws from cuts, tears, burrs and burns. Available at Petco and Petsmart. $60. December/January 2018 41