December 2017 Magazines 89014 - Page 34

Tell Us About... TAKE BACK YOUR GARAGE Affordable Ways for Maximizing Storage The majority of homeowners have cluttered and disorganized garages that simply leave their cars out in the extreme weather. Renting a storage unit might seem the only way to take back your space, but they’re expensive and inconvenient! Innovations in garage storage that utilize wall and overhead ceiling space can liter- ally set your garage floor free from all that stuff, while allowing you to easily find and access the items you need. Dwayne Dunseath, the original inventor of HyLoft over- head garage systems, and partner Tony Sibella, have teamed together to form All Things Garage, USA. Offering trusted overhead and wall storage solutions, as well as a cutting edge new product that expands overhead storage to new heights, Dwayne and Tony give advice for creating a functional garage you’ll be proud to own and use. How can you make more usable storage space in the garage? The garage of any home is the most underutilized space of the property. A two-car garage is typically 400 square feet, while a three-car garage measures close to 600 square feet of valuable storage space. That’s typically one fourth the size of an average home’s space that’s being underutilized. The ‘All Things Garage’ product line maximizes the storage capacity of the entire garage using heavy duty ceiling and wall storage solutions that are built to last, yet affordably and competitively priced. We assess your storage needs and recommend solutions that free up floor space so your car can get back in the garage, where it belongs. What makes ‘All Things Garage’ storage systems different? Our overhead, on-ceiling and wall solutions are the real deal! We both have been in the garage storage business for 20+ years combined! We can be trusted to pro- vide and install the best patented & innovative ceiling storage systems in the mar- ket today. WHY? Because, we are pioneers of the garage storage industry and our ceiling and wall storage systems are the best of the best. When we say our units hold up to 1000 lbs, you can trust our technology. We continue to test and improve the quality and integrity of our systems while coming up with new and innovative solutions for our customers. It’s what separates us from all the ‘me too’ systems in the market today. What’s this NEW overhead storage solution? 34 When HyLoft ceiling storage systems were originally developed in 1999, Dwayne wanted to utilize the entire unused ceiling space in the garage, especially the large- section above the open garage door track. This is a huge area of underutilized ceiling space that the original HyLoft overhead systems couldn’t accommodate because of the garage door opener track and rail system. Finally, we invented and patented (patents pending) a system that’s perfect for storing all your holiday and seasonal totes/bins in the ceiling space above the open garage door and opener. Whether for Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving or any other holiday decorating needs, it’s opened up a new opportunity for increasing your storage space, and it’s only available from ‘All Things Garage’. Because ‘All Things Garage’ is officially launching our ‘NEW’ TOTE STORAGE SYSTEMS here in Southern Nevada first (our hometown), we are privileged to give back to our community, we are offering a discount to Southern Nevada residents of $15.00 per tote storage system purchased through January 2018. What else does All Things Garage have to offer? “From ceiling to floor and a whole lot more” we do ‘All Things Garage’! We offer solutions that help our customers say “I’m proud of my garage again!” Our services include providing unique patent- ed storage systems, garage painting, garage additions, energy effi- cient swamp coolers, garage door repairs, custom garage doors, garage insulation, garage cleanup/removal…all your garage needs and services under one roof! We are also very active in our commu- nity, having lived in Las Vegas for more than 40+ years. This year we will be donating $10.00 to Opportunity Village for every NEW Tote Ceiling Sto