Deborah Davies Expert Medium Halloween Issue - Page 4

In April 2010, I took a group of 12 people that were part of a development group I held back then to a Vigil in Plas Teg - what a beautiful building it is! There are tours available most days to go around the halls of the mansion which leave people feeling ill with strong nausea and headaches due to the immense amount of paranormal activity. Myself and my team were standing in one of the halls when I felt a strong presence. I couldn’t believe what was stood right in-front of me, an Earth Spirit! These kind of spirits are usually found outside or in the woods, but this one probably just wandered indoors out of curiosity. Although he looks scary, he is completely harmless. These spirits are an incredible size, I was stood right behind him and you can see the size of him in comparison to the ceiling (the ceilings in Plas Teg are so so high). I’m so looking forward to my next Vigil! Page 4 Page 5