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Page 7 / De iure September 2018 Ambitious, Original and Timely: Prof. Daphna Hacker wins the Herbert Jacob Book Prize We are delighted to report that Prof. Daphna Hacker has won the Law and Society Association (LSA) Herbert Jacob Book Prize for her seminal work, “Legalized Families in the Era of Bordered Globalization” (Cambridge University Press, 2017). The Herbert Jacob Book Prize is an annual competition open to books from all fields and approaches to law and society scholarship. Established in 1996 as the LSA Book Award, and renamed in memory of its past President Herbert Jacob, the prize is awarded to the best book in socio-legal studies, outside of legal history. Prof. Daphna Hacker Prof. Daphna Hacker’s pioneering book develops the concept of bordered globalization to analyze the intersection of borders and globalization in relation to law and families. The book has been praised by the LSA as an exemplary work of law and society scholarship. “It is ambitious, original, and timely. The book’s ambition lies in the way the author engages the fa mily in the context of a ‘bordered globalization’, ultimately giving meaning to studying families and relational rights through broader frames than just the national, by also giving attention to the material limits of the global. It is original in its approach to the unit of study: families in a globalized yet bordered context. The book is clearly and gracefully written, and an outstanding contribution to socio-legal studies.” Prof. Hacker is an Associate Professor at TAU Law and Women and Gender Studies Program at Tel Aviv University. She researches and teaches with a focus on the intersection of law, families and gender. •