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Page 6 / De iure September 2018 Buchmann Bulletin TraffLab: An international “laboratory” for anti-human trafficking research Dr. Hila Shamir has launched TraffLab in April this year, a groundbreaking research project funded by the European Research Council (ERC). The study marks a departure from the criminalization and border control approaches to anti-trafficking efforts, and is expanding the tool kit to include labor- based strategies that target the structure of labor markets prone to severely exploitative practices. Dr. Hila Shamir TraffLab is connecting scholars and organizations across sectoral and geographic divides, sharing resources and facilitating opportunities for a truly global collaboration. Dr. Shamir will be joined by a couple of postdoctoral researchers from the United Kingdom, Jon Davies and Irene Piertopaoli, and a postdoctoral researcher from Israel, Yahel Kurlander. In addition, four guest researchers from Germany, England, France and Finland will participate in the research for a period of three months, as well as a team of Israeli research fellows: Dr. Tamar Barkay, Dr. Avinoam Cohen, Dr. Yuval Livnat, Dr. Tamar Megiddo, Assaf Bondi, and Hanny Ben Israel. The research will include a clinical element in collaboration with TAU Law’s Workers’ Rights Clinic, led by Adv. Idit Zimmerman, who will be joined for the project by Adv. Shimri Segal. Dr. Shamir teaches and researches in the fields of labor and employment law, welfare law, immigration law, and feminist legal thought, and serves as the academic advisor of the Workers’ Rights Legal Clinic. In May, Shamir was appointed a member of the Israel Young Academy (IYA). Established in 2012 by the Israel Academy of Sciences, the IYA was founded with the intention of creating a framework comprising the country’s leading young scholars in the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. •