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Page 24 / De iure September 2018 Meitar Center Breaks New Ground Mirjam Streng Recipient of the Azrieli Graduate Fellowship Four Phd Candidates Awarded Prestigious Scholarships Four scholars at the Zvi Meitar Center for Advanced Legal Studies have received prestigious scholarships this year. These awards have given the students a financial boost towards their PhD studies, and underline their record of excellence and achievement. The Zvi Meitar Center strives for individual excellence in research and fosters a community of scholars who support one another’s academic journey. These scholarships are a testament to this, and reinforce the relevance and importance of sound theoretical research for advancing policy and reflection on social, political and legal processes in Israel. Title: Education and Asylum-Seekers: A Legal and Normative Analysis of Access, Integration and Educational Content. Description: Streng researches States’ obligations to guarantee asylum seekers’ right to education, examining their access to education, integration into education and minimum curriculum requirements. Building upon political theory, philosophy of education and international law, she evaluates grounds for asylum seekers’ inclusion and exclusion, examines international law doctrinally and suggests ways of rethinking State obligations that guarantee asylum seekers’ right to education. Supervisor: Prof. Eyal Benvenisti. Mirjam says: “I feel so honored to receive the Azrieli Graduate Fellowship and am very grateful for the ongoing support from my supervisor, Prof. Eyal Benvenisti and the Zvi Meitar Center. It is a tremendous privilege to be able to dedicate myself to my research with this Fellowship, further pushing me to ensure that the education of asylum seekers gets the attention it so deserves.”