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Page 22 / De iure September 2018 Meitar Center Breaks New Ground TAU Law Celebrates Milestone: Fourteen PhD graduates in 2018 TAU Law celebrated the success of both students and faculty at the annual Zvi Meitar Center Graduates and Associates Ceremony in July. The ceremony is one of the highlights of the academic calendar, and provides an opportunity to honor the achievement of doctoral students and those who have rendered exceptional service and distinction in legal research. During the event, one of the most poignant and entertaining in recent memory, 14 Meitar Center graduates were awarded the degree “Doctor of Philosophy”. This is a record number of doctoral recipients in one year since the establishment of the Faculty. The newly minted PhDs were joined by members of the Meitar family; Mrs. Ofra Meitar, the widow of Mr. Zvi Meitar, and his son, Mr. Aviad Meitar. TAU Law Dean, Prof. Sharon Hannes, welcomed the graduates and faculty who came together to celebrate the momentous achievement, and spoke of the optimism for the future that new alumni inspire each year. Prof. Hannes was joined by Prof. Eyal Zisser, Vice Rector of Tel Aviv University, who thanked the Meitar family for many years of support and successful cooperation, and by Prof. Guy Mundlak, chair of the PhD Research Committee. One of the highlights of the evening was a short film about a grandmother, played by renowned actress Shosh Poliakov in her beloved familiar figure, who recalls her experiences as a PhD student at the Center to her grandson. The film was made especially for the occasion by Dr. Mickey Zar, one of the fresh graduates. In addition to her PhD studies, Dr. Zar is a professional film editor and has edited many television series, documentaries and feature films. Dr. Nomi Levenkron and Dr. Omer Peled spoke on behalf of the alumni. Two weeks after submitting her doctoral thesis, Dr. Levenkron’s seven-year-old son was diagnosed with cancer. “Despite the negative reputation of this disease, it has one definite advantage: its ability to silence background noise, and enable clear and coherent thinking about the truly important things.” Her decision to