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Page 20 / De iure September 2018 Graduate Spotlight At Home Mustafa Senel has spent his career pursuing his passion for law. Having graduated from the law faculties of Istanbul Bilgi University and Freie Universität Berlin, he has been able to experience the academic world at a truly international level. We caught up with Mustafa, originally from Turkey, for a chat about his experiences at TAU Law and why he feels at home here. After completing his LL.B., Mustafa Senel began working at one of the most reputable law firms in Turkey. He then earned an LL.M. in Business Law from Freie Universität Berlin. With a strong interest in technology, he decided the Parasol Foundation International LL.M. Program was the next step to take in reaching his goals. A fresh graduate, Mustafa completed the program in the Law and Technology track in 2018. What attracted you to study at Tel Aviv University? “It was more of a personal reason to begin with. I didn’t know much about Israel or Tel Aviv University; I was in Berlin, I had completed my previous master’s and on board to commence my PhD… but I didn’t like the academic approach in Berlin. Let’s call it stylistic differences,” he smiles. “My girlfriend was in Israel and we decided to give it a go. We considered her coming to Istanbul, where I am from, or me coming to Israel. Eventually we opted for the latter. I was already interested in technology law, privacy and data protection, and having carried out extensive research I found the best place to pursue these fields in Israel is the International LL.M. Program. It really paid off.” How does TAU Law differ academically to other institutions you have attended? “Well, I studied mostly in Turkey, then in Germany and a term in France, so it’s worth noting that my remarks are limited by my experience. But what is fascinating to me is that the professors are always approachable and available here; they embrace students. Plus, if you’re up to the task and want to delve into a particular field, then they give