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Page 14 / De iure September 2018 Trailblazing the Way Supporting Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Students One of the core values at TAU Law is to foster an inclusive environment in which students from minority backgrounds can thrive and achieve their potential. We recognize that each student is different, and every community faces different challenges. Conditions that recognize and respect these differences provide the optimal atmosphere for students to prosper. In taking a practical approach to leveraging the challenges of minority students into an experience that encourages success, the Faculty pioneered a new program called Trailblazers. The program is designed to ensure ultra- Orthodox Jewish students have access to support and are provided with stable, sufficient and accountable resources to face their unique challenges and fulfil their academic goals. Currently commencing its fourth year, the Trailblazers program numbers 50 ultra- Orthodox ‘Haredi’ students studying at Tel Aviv University, 14 of which are students at TAU Law. Adv. Galia Givoly, Program Director and PhD student at the Meitar Center for Advanced Leg [YY\^\]H]HYHYZ]\[\YBYXH܈Hܘ[K8'HXۚ^YHYY܈Hܘ[H]\ۙHYYوH[KSܝ]\[][]K\YH\ܘY[\YX]Y[[Z[\Y\[Y\]XHܙX]\[[\[Z\X[\Y\ˈBܘ[H\\[HYX]H\B[[\[XZH\HوHX[B\\\[[HY[ۛXY[\ܝYHZ\Y\[X[K'B[[H\ܚXHYHو\BYX[Y\¸'Y[] [KSܝ\ܘY[\\B\X[H]YX[HوHܙHXXœ\]Z\YX\ٝ[HX]X[]B[\H[]\]H[[H^[\XYX[H[\[X][X]X˂[\[[H\[[\YBY[X[X]^HHYX][ۘ[[\ۛY[ [HX[Hو[H\BYX]Y[HZ^Y\ܛHYܙK\\[ܙKH\YH[][]H\›XY[H\YHYXHوY[&X][H[][]x&H\YHY\YX][ۋ'BXZ[و[[\]X]BY[[Y[\[[ܘ\H[\ܘY[[HXۛZXXܜ]]HBYY܈Hܘ[HZH\˂'\HXܜ\H^KH[Y[\™[[ܘ\H[\ܘY[\[\[B[Y[\Y[H\HYZ[HXZ܂[ܙX\H[H\YH[][]K[KBܝ\ܘY[\\HܙX\XYHB\وH[][ۈH NK\BH\[ K[H[X[H[\[][\H[[H]\ܘY[HY]HX[B\YHY[\X\]H[BܚٛܘKYH[][]H[X H[ NK\ܙX\Y\ [HY[۝[YHYH[Y\]\[X\[ۙ^HH[]HH[؛[Hۈ\[ˈYH۸&]œY][[H[][]HZ[ٙ\[ۘ[\Y\]\H][\