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Page 13 / De iure September 2018 Arab students reach new heights of prosperity climb in final first and second year grade averages, putting Arab students closer to the overall average of 80. Moreover, we are witnessing a significant increase in the number of Arab students with above average grades, and a rising group of students with excellent grades. These academic achievements are imperative; leading law firms will usually not consider hiring students with averages lower than 80. TAU Law regularly tracks the rate of success in finding internships, and we are delighted to report a record hiring of Arab students in leading law firms this year. TAU Law is passionate about ensuring that all students prosper. In recent years, the Faculty has taken active steps to improve the personal experiences and academic achievements of its Arab students by implementing a pioneering program designed to boost their success. Prior to the program commencing in 2012, Arab students constituted approximately 5% of the student body and achieved, on average, low grades. Students reported feelings of alienation and exclusion, and found it difficult to find internships in prestigious law firms and public sector positions. The program was developed to respond to these needs. Each year is built to enhance different aspects of the students’ academic journey at TAU Law and to empower them to reach their full potential. In years one to three, Arab students are provided with academic support, financial support and incentives, and social activities. The fourth year is dedicated to preparing them to becoming successful young professionals. Now in its sixth year, the program has been immensely successful. In its first three years of operation, the number of Arab students increased dramatically and they currently number approximately 20% of our incoming class (50 students per year). The vast majority of students are accepted to TAU Law due to their high achievements, and only very few are accepted through affirmative action. As a result of this significant increase in the number of Arab students, TAU Law has become a more diverse environment: you can hear Arabic when walking the halls, see a more diverse student body, and most significantly, obtain a much wider scope of opinions and experiences in classroom discussions. Arab students report feeling more welcome and less alienated, and better integrated both in the classroom and in other aspects of faculty life, such as Law Review Editorial boards, research assistant positions, Moot Courts and legal clinics. Significantly, we have also seen signs of grade improvements: namely a 2-point Adv. Alaa Haj Yahia “There’s no doubt that Arab students face many challenges during their studies,” says Adv. Alaa Haj Yahia, Arab Student Support Program Coordinator. “The program was designed to respond to these challenges and help each and every student reach their full potential. It makes me very happy to observe the growing rate of success in finding internships and see how well Arab students integrate into the various programs at TAU Law. I am delighted and extremely proud of the Faculty for investing time and resources into helping the Arab student population defeat their difficulties and achieve new heights of prosperity and success.” •