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Page 12 / De iure September 2018 Celebrating Student Success Nineteen TAU Law students offered Supreme Court clerkship positions Each year, the Supreme Court of Israel accepts 26 clerks who get to work with the Justices on cases pending before the Court. We are proud to report that 19 TAU Law students have been offered clerkship positions in 2018. The clerks build a substantial knowledge of the role and functions of the Supreme Court in Israel, and take an active role in dealing with the most important and fundamental aspects of the law. The opportunities presented through the clerkship positions are immense and allow the clerks to make a valuable contribution by drawing from these unique experiences. In the recent round of interviews, which took place in March, 19 TAU law students were offered clerkship positions, indicating a significant and respectable presence among the Supreme Court’s clerks. We are extremely proud of our students and wish them continued success as they commence their illustrious careers. •