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Page 10 / De iure September 2018 Buchmann Bulletin Real-World Lawyering and Leadership final negotiations are undertaken by way of a transatlantic conference call. These courses offer students an invaluable opportunity to practice skills of enquiry and analysis in the English language, while preparing them to succeed in the highly competitive and ever-changing legal landscape. Furthermore, as part of our commitment to lifetime career learning by offering a wealth of postgraduate programs and enrichment courses, TAU Law is delighted to continue its collaboration with the Institute of Legal Arts, directed by former Tel Aviv District Court Judge Dr. Daphna Avnieli. Dr. Daphna Avnieli and Daniel Nimrodi at the Institute of Legal Arts’ first graduation ceremony TAU Law excels at finding new ways for its students to experiment with legal action and hone real-world lawyering and leadership skills. The Faculty offers a host of hands-on, experiential courses that provide students with an important practical dimension to their studies. Three of these courses are offered in collaboration with the Attorney General Office, where students are thrust into the heart of the action at the State Attorney’s Office and take an active role in supporting real cases (see “De iure”, March 2018). In addition, TAU Law offers modules in negotiating international transactions in collaboration with three leading universities in the United States (Berkeley, Northwestern and Chicago). These innovative courses are kindly sponsored by law firms Gornitzky & Co. and Gross, Kleinhendler, Hodak, Halevy, Greenberg, Shenhav & Co. (GKH). In these courses, students on both sides of the Atlantic take part in a simulation of business consultations around a large international deal using a range of role play exercises that bring to life the nature of real-time negotiations. In two of the courses, the final negotiations take place in Tel Aviv where “advocates” representing the other side travel to Israel from the United States. In the third course, the The Institute provides greater options and flexibility for busy professionals, offering courses in mediation, arbitration, business negotiation and leadership. The courses are delivered by judges, top lawyers and leading lecturers, and provide the perfect environment for developing new methods of practice and delivery in these fields. Graduates are awarded participation certificates and given the opportunity to network and collaborate with leading law firms and business executives in Israel and the United States. On June 5, the Institute’s first class celebrated its special millstone in a festive ceremony at TAU Law, in which 84 graduates received their certificates. The Institute is now working towards enhancing the current program and opening its gates for a successful second run in November. •