DDS™ - The Proven Data Connectivity Standard for IoT™ Nov. 2016 - Page 3

The IIoT Disruption While it will grow slower than the Consumer IoT, the IIoT will eventually have much larger economic impact. The IIoT will bring entirely new infrastructures to our most critical and impactful societal systems. Truly intelligent distributed machines will greatly improve function and efficiency across virtually all industries, including healthcare, transportation, energy, communications, and industrial control. The IIoT is crucial to the strategic future of most companies, even traditionally slow-moving industrial infrastructure providers. The dawn of a new age is clear. DDS is the best open middleware standard for high-throughput and real-time applications available today. From the application layer down to the wire protocol, DDS has been architected to deliver the performance and dependability that modern Internet of Things (IoT) applications need as they scale up to span the globe, and scale out to incorporate individual embedded sensors and actuators. Life-saving medical devices, global stock trading systems, international air traffic control and power generation systems are just four of the many highly-reliable business-critical applications where DDS is in use today. EMC technology and products are architected to solve these most critical problems and DDS plays an important role in providing these solutions.” - Dr. Said Tabet, Chief Architect for IOT Solutions, EMC Unlike connecting consumer devices, the IIoT will control expensive, mission-critical systems. Thus, the requirements are very different. Reliability is often a huge challenge. The consequences of a security breach are vastly more profound for the power grid than for a home thermostat. Existing systems are already networked in some fashion, and interfacing with these legacy “brownfield” designs is a key blocking factor. Plus, unlike consumer devices that are mostly small networks, industrial plants, electrical systems or transportation grids will encompass many thousands or millions of interconnected points. GE’s CEO, Jeff Immelt, famously said that if you go to bed an industrial company, you will wake up a software and analytics company. But, software and analytics can’t help industrial systems without data. True disruption requires a single data communications architecture that delivers the right data at the right time, spans sensor to cloud, interoperates between vendors, and crosses industries. That common technology will replace today’s mashup of special-purpose standards and technologies with an interoperable future. Data-centric communication based on DDS offers a scalable, reliable, fast, and secure infrastructure for the hugely connected new world. DDS technologies provide a great foundation for secure dynamic distributed systems; with both publish-subscribe and RPC architectures, and too many features to list, it is a proven high-performance communications platform.” - Clark Tucker, President and CEO, Twin Oaks Computing, Inc. 3 THE IIOT DISRUPTION Gartner, the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, predicts that the Smart Machine era will be the most disruptive in the history of IT. That disruption will be led by smart, distributed infrastruc \H[YH[\X[[\]و[ R[ K