DCN September 2017 - Page 9

industry news DigiPlex cuts 25% from customers’ electricity bills in Norway DigiPlex is the first data centre operator to be approved for the new Norwegian tax relief scheme that reduces electricity fees by 97%. DigiPlex is passing the entire benefit on to its customers, who can look forward to a 25% decrease in their electricity bill. Electricity makes up a big part of the total data centre cost for businesses and organisations. The new tax relief will improve the competitiveness of modern data centre companies in Norway, both nationally and internationally. As the tax relief is only applicable to commercial data centres, it will also stimulate Norwegian companies and organisations to modernise their data storage and move from power hungry in-house arrangements to more energy efficient external solutions. The new measure from the Norwegian government is also good news for the climate. Worldwide, data centres account for 2% of all CO2 emissions, a percentage which is rapidly increasing. However, DigiPlex’s centres in Norway exclusively use renewable energy, drawn from Norwegian hydropower. DigiPlex hopes to set the standard within the data centre industry and its innovative and sustainable centres are now receiving international recognition. For further information visit: www.digiplex.com Dartmouth College Selects Planon’s IWMS for optimisation of Facilities Operations Planon has announced that Dartmouth College has selected Planon’s Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) for optimisation of facilities operations. The Planon solution will help the maintenance operations, property, and space teams to effectively and efficiently manage the Ivy League facilities throughout the entire facilities lifecycle. After conducting a thorough evaluation of relevant IWMS vendors, Planon Universe was selected based on very specific criteria. The objective in the first phases of implementation is to successfully identify and implement this robust IWMS to facilitate real estate optimisation, maintenance operations, time keeping, and mobile technology for the labour crews. The goal is to do so in a way that would minimise administrative workload while maximising cross communication and data mining. While beginning with the real estate application, the value of the IWMS solution will be that Dartmouth can also implement modules for maintenance optimisation, space planning and management, as well as inventory management utilising Planon’s best practice. One of the reasons Planon was selected over other vendors was due to Planon’s embedded best practices in the design of the software based on over 2,000 successful implementations around the world. For further information visit: www.planonsoftware.com Challenging the Edge: The “Data Centre in a Box” concept enables equipment to be deployed in non-traditional Data Centre environments. „ „ „ „ IT INFRASTRUCTURE TS-IT rack platform Demand-orientated climate control System monitoring Intelligent power rails SOFTWARE & SERVICES