DCN September 2017 - Page 8

industry news India driving digital transformation in the West British Tech CEO Hails ‘Critically Important’ Data Laws India’s GDP figures due out August 31 for the quarter are predicted to see a modest increase, with The World Bank predicting growth to recover over the year 2017-2018 and gradually increase to 7.7% in 2019- 2020. Seventy years on from its independence, India is the fastest growing large economy in the world, with its $150 billion information technology (IT) industry heralded as a beacon of the economy. India is building a global presence in areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data, robotics, cloud and Internet of Things (IoT). Digital modernisation in the West is increasingly being supported by Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies, with many innovations in UK companies being driven by Indian expertise. Bhupender Singh, CEO of Intelenet Global Services, commented, ‘Seventy years of independence has seen India transform into a global powerhouse. Indian technology innovation now positively impacts companies around the globe, and in particular, the UK and US are growing as recipients of Indian IT outsourcing investment. ‘For those that are not digitally native, the investment that expert Indian companies have made into emerging technologies is crucial for business growth. Outsourcers have moved on from simply delivering routine tasks. Often, clients expect outsourcers to know their business and the opportunities for innovation better than they do. The UK and US are facing a shortage of skilled tech workers, and so access to India’s highly skilled talent pool is essential.’ Lawrence Jones MBE and CEO at UKFast, is hailing the government’s announcement on the regulation of personal data. The new Data Protection Bill is set to deliver much needed controls over personal data for individuals and provide confidence in digital businesses trading in personal data. According to Lawrence, the legislation must be at least equal to levels of protection offered by the EU’s General Data Protection Lawrence Jones Legislation (GDPR) which comes into force in May 2018. Lawrence said, ‘The opportunity is arising for the UK to establish itself e [\\\HXY[^Y\[]H[[]X]H[\[ؘ[]H\[\X\ˈx&\H[[[ܙYXHۙ][ۈ\HHY\]XH[\]HYYY\]\Y\HX]HHUK&[Yو^]H]HY[[[ۈHRݙ\Y[™[]\Y\][ۈ]X\\]X[H]8&\X\\[YBX][[[H\HYX\\\[\[Y[HUH]˂&ۙY[][ۜZH\[\Z[ۙY[H[YH[H[XXH\[Hو]K]Hܝ[]H[ۛBHX[\YYHXZ[Z[H[YH[\[[\HH[YB][وۙY[H[[X[\\XܛHؙKHYY[\HHYYYX\\H[XHۘHHX]HHUH[ܙ\XZ[Z[[[[[\][ۋ&B܈\\[ܛX][ۈ\]˚[[[]ؘ[ B܈\\[ܛX][ۈ\]˝Z٘\ ˝Z•\]\][ˈ ][[ˈ LM][]B[B[B\ݙ\] [B^H]B[B][YB]H\X[]Y\ˋ[\\ۈHX[\[KZ[U[\ۛY[YY]H[[\و[\H [H[\]و[œ]ZXH[X\[H H][\\Y XۙY\Y[\X\H[[\H][ H][YH]H[\\\\Yو\܈^][UX\\ۙ[™܈[X]H۝ \\X][ۋT\HX[ۋ[ۚ]ܚ[[X\X[ۋZ[ܙYHXYX\X][ۋSTT”TTPUSӂSPUHӕ