DCN September 2017 - Page 5

Reduce Operational Costs, Improve Capacity Utilization, and Lower Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)* Driven by explosive data processing growth, Data Centre Managers face multiple, competing demands: reducing operational costs, improving energy efficiency, and optimizing available capacity, while sustaining a low total cost of ownership. To meet these demands while minimizing the risk to service levels, the available data centre space is often underutilized while being overprovisioned with excess power and cooling capacity regardless of actual IT equipment and space utilization. Today, a typical data centre consumes about 3-5kW per cabinet due to power and cooling concerns, while the available cabinet space can accommodate 15kW or more per cabinet if managed effectively. As energy and construction costs continue to rise, over-provisioning and under-utilization are no longer sustainable. Energy costs related to cooling account for approximately 37% of the overall data centre power consumption and are one of the fastest rising data centre operational costs. RWL Advanced Solutions and Panduit offer a best of breed data centre infrastructure which includes energy efficient industry leading cabinet and connectivity solutions. Visit https://www.panduit.com/en/solutions/ data-center.html for further information RWL Advanced Solutions UK 9 Devonshire Square, London, EC2M 4YF. +44 (0)207 084 6219