DCN September 2017 - Page 39

cloud management swallowed up just trying to keep the business afloat, leaving you with very little resources to deliver innovations that move the business forward – or worse – inadequate policy and recovery management could mean vulnerabilities will be lost in the forest of the system and only detected when it’s far too late. The right tools for the job IT teams need to consider which tools are required to ensure effective policy management and on demand recovery. Quick response time needs to be a given if users and groups are deleted accidentally or maliciously. Software as a Service (SaaS) management tools really help to achieve this in Azure Active Directory (AD) and Office 365 environments. A consistent interface with secure control is necessary because who has time to train admin staff to navigate all the changing interfaces?  Utilising AD groups to set policies means they can be dynamically maintained. Having visibility into changes made to our Azure AD users, attributes, groups and group membership gives organisations the resources to quickly find where unwanted deletions or additions were made, ensuring easy and fast restoration of any unsolicited alterations. Going forward, organisations will want a one-stop shop that is easy, safe to use and is completely audit-ready. One of the biggest challenges IT managers face is how to identify and understand the scope of a breach once it occurs. It is reported that it takes companies an average of six months to spot an intrusion and another 55 days to contain it. But, with adequate tools in place, managers can prevent circumstances that put the company at risk in the first place, find when the issue occurred and restore it to a good state. Honing user access and enforcing policies that keep the organisation safe for internal as well as federated users, gives admins and managers peace of mind. ‘Any business contemplating a transition to the cloud will need to consider what data will be managed, who owns it and who has permission to access it.’ Investment is key All too often IT managers are saddled with firefighting. There is never enough time in the day yet there is more pressure than ever to protect your data. Avoiding all issues is impossible but the responsibility to protect data – especially personal or sensitive data, is making smarter prevention an imperative.  By adopting a holistic approach and by investing time in planning, you can ensure you and your team stand out by spending less time managing your environment and more time building a data-driven business, which will pay dividends later down the line. By introducing a tool suite that prevents issues before they occur and gets you back on track if they do, you’ll be able to better manage your infrastructure in a dynamic way that means less firefighting in the future. This not only guarantees a happier workforce, but allows you and the business to focus on growth and importantly, innovation. September 2017 | 39