DCN September 2017 - Page 24

Colocation & Outsourcing Reviewing Your Options Steve Davis, marketing director at Next Generation Data breaks down what to consider when it comes to colocation in a cloud world. A rguably it’s 20 years since colocation data centres came to be. While there were a few carrier focused exchange facilities to call on before then, the norm was for businesses to rely on their own in- house IT facilities. Today there are well over 250 colocation data centres in 24 | September 2017 the UK and these are generally categorised in terms of resilience and security. In addition, a means for prospective customers to classify energy efficiency is the power usage efficiency (PUE) rating system, introduced by the Green Grid some years ago and has a direct impact on the cost of power consumed. Furthermore, the choice of location is no longer dominated by those in London and inside the M25 as it was up until a decade or so ago. Before then, for reasons of latency and the high cost of fibre networks, all major colo data centres needed to be within a few miles of central London, clustered around the telecom exchanges.