DCN September 2017 - Page 22

Colocation & Outsourcing Priorities John Volanthen, CEO at Hub Network Services (HNS) discusses the importance of making network diversity a priority. M oving IT infrastructure to one or more colocation data centres or cloud services providers and putting it in the hands of industry experts, can be a vital first step in ensuring business continuity and data security. However, in the headlong rush to the cloud, many businesses are overlooking the principles of good network design, sometimes resulting in increased, rather than reduced downtime. The trend to move data off site is gathering unstoppable momentum. The outsourcing 22 | September 2017 of physical infrastructure from desktops to data halls provides many advantages to the modern enterprise. Converting capital expenditure to operating cost and removing the need to manage hardware are key drivers. The desire to improve uptime and reduce costs also factor in the decision making process. In the head-long rush to the cloud, businesses often overlook the impact on uptime that housing infrastructure on premises previously provided. Locating servers at headquarters or in each satellite office often enables workers to continue to function in the event of a communications network failure. Centralising, and moving that infrastructure off site either to a data centre, or to a cloud provider leaves the business totally dependent on the network infrastructure to function. This is especially true for organisations operating call centres. Moving telephony to cloud platforms offers significant benefits, however without suitable backup connectivity loss of data services leaves operations dead in the water.