DCN September 2017 - Page 19

MO ST DC-DAY SE CR ET Join us in the fight for better data centre performance on Wednesday the 4th October 2017 at the Churchill War Rooms, Westminster. MISSION OBJECTIVES • Discover the future of data centre simulation, including new VR developments • Gather intelligence from current users about how simulation is being used at every stage of the data centre life cycle including: Patrick Cotton - Airedale International Air Conditioning Customer Services Manager Julien De Charentenay - RED Engineering Head of Building Physics Paul Finch - KAO Data Chief Operating Officer MISSION BRIEFING DATE: 4th October 2017 TIME: 1800 hours – 2200 hours Please arrive before 1830 – entry after this time cannot be guaranteed! LOCATION: Churchill War Rooms Clive Steps, King Charles Street, London, SW1A 2AQ Talks from Future Facilities will run from 1830hrs. After this, you are welcome to join us for drinks and canapes, and to explore the museum while it is closed to the public. Register Here SZWI YXOZ VFOZ DESH MUMV BUIX YBMB AKZK AUKK CNTT EFDC SBDO KTGI VMRY VOOG FXEW DJLJ HJEK WVMT ZPYY GGBN VIZZ DNQJ HZWB LFNB UJXC JZLI EZWE OVXB LRMH OTNZ KHQJ LH www.futurefacilities.com