DCN September 2017 - Page 18

meet me room degree then we can train them to do anything. We need degree level candidates, but not for everything we do. We also need apprentices and analysts. So yes, a major change I’d like to see is more young people in our industry and more women too. something I still can’t quite get my head around. Connectivity, perhaps the key element for the end user has developed in step and we are now offering speeds of 400Gbps and beyond. Remember tape drives anyone? It really is a fascinating industry to be involved with. Are there any major changes that you would like to see in the data centre industry? As a genuine people person this is closely related to the question on the encouragement of school leavers. For most of us, data centre management wasn’t a career choice (or path) and the majority fell into the world of data centres as technology grew. Now, I think that we need to consider our industry carefully and start considering the roles we need to meet future demand. Without wanting to sound controversial we seem to pick degree level as a yardstick, almost in the belief that if an individual can obtain a 18 | September 2017 One of Ian’s biggest pet peeves. Get the spirit level out, this just won’t do. it also kicked off some research into business communications and has opened up opportunities to present my findings to the industry. Another thing I have found that I enjoy doing. Looking back on your career so far, is there anything that you might have done differently? Quite honestly, a few but not many as they were part of the journey that got me here. However, I do wish I had got into the industry sooner. The good thing is that now I’m here I’m not planning on going anywhere anytime soon. It’s way too much fun. I think the other thing that I would have done is kept up my language skills and perhaps joined the two together. That may have afforded me even more opportunities than I’ve currently had but at the end of the day, I’m pretty happy about the career I have (and have had) until it’s time to think about the ‘what next Ian?’ Whatever that is, I’m certain that it will revolve around the industry in one way or another. What’s your personal pet peeve? My kitchen being untidy! Let me explain. Anything that is odd or non-uniform really rubs me up the wrong way. I’m quite CDO. Well, it’s like OCD but the letters are in alphabetical order the way they should be. It’s actually quite incredible that I’m in the data centre space given that I do like a sense of order and I constantly have to come my reaction down especially where cabling is concerned. At home I’m terrible. For example, I cannot stand ‘not straight’ and will go around the house and put a spirit level on picture frames! And, whilst I have inevitably conceded ground to my wife, children and grand-daughter, th RF6V2ג67GV'FR6RvW&Rג( 4DW7>( 'VW3V6FFRW'&VB`g&VG2vFRw&VBFVƖvB&V'&vrFw2vV( @FW&RW7BFvF6גVB7vN( 2FRFVvW7BW76F@RfRV&VBW"6&VW#FB6RVRF( B6VRFw0FRvFBRFB&RB0VFW67F2"6֗GFVBFW FV22RFVvBFWvV@&RfRBV&W"b( Ɩv@'V.( VG2ג6&VW"vW&PfRFVvBFB6f6pF6RvFFR&VvW"BFPWvVB&RFRV6W7BFpFRWBखvRג66B'& vVFBv6( BFR66R@FWFF( B6&RגVFW66FBWW&V6R2FVvBPF&VǒF&WBvBv@F6V6FRBFRv&G2VVBFW6RWƖ6BFFRVFV6P( G'rF&V6FW&W7Fvǒ6R&VV&W"vB"PvFVBvVRvW&R6CffFǒfWBg&FRvR`&WBfW"v2&&6֖rfvRFRc2vFG2bVfVG2Bf&@F6F6gגvFW&W7BBvW&RFWfVVBFVWfR`GW&RBvFƖfR6WRF@vFfRbF7VVF&W0BFfBGFV&&VvBN( 0VFW'7FF&RFBvFVBFF6WFrffr2@fWBv2ג67WFb66RFB66Rv2B&RBVFV@W66rFffW&VBFFFB2&VVfW'FW&W7FrFvƲFR7BSV'2BRF@6FVW2FgVVגVFW66FVWvƶr