DCN September 2017 - Page 16

meet me room Ian Holford – GCHQ Currently data centre regional operations manager at GCHQ, Ian has held many and varied positions, in a career spanning over 25 years with the company. Outside of work, Ian is a member of the BCS as well as both Future Computing Systems Specialist Group and the Data Centre Specialist Group. He has also recently stepped into the world of speaking/industry presenting and has delivered at several conferences and private industry events both in UK and abroad. What is the main motivation in the work that you do? For me, the data centre industry is a fascinating, evolving, dynamic space. We are faced with constant change, from a technology perspective, process perspective and, from a people one too. 16 | September 2017 There are more data centre related jobs for folks these days than when we simply ran ‘computer halls’ due to the changes in technology and the demand for data. It is this that captivates me. I love learning and have a real enthusiasm for sharing that new knowledge with my team, my colleagues and eventually end up in a position where I’m able to give back to the industry itself. Every year I’m reminded of how little I know and I hope that the urge to learn will continue. I love learning new things and within our industry there’s such an abundance to learn.