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on the cover or server capacity by adding cloud services to your current colocation agreement. It is safe to say that any organisation operating within a compliance-heavy industry could benefit greatly from colocation – predominantly because of the security, resilience and connectivity improvements realised by moving from what might be an aging on-premises environment to an enterprise-grade data centre. However, this doesn’t mean you have to be bound in red tape to realise the same benefits. Colocation offers a wide range of benefits to organisations of all types and sizes that are looking to: Improve resilience: Colocation helps to mitigate risk and improve disaster recovery as a part of your business continuity strategy. By housing equipment in a resilient, enterprise-grade data centre you are gaining access to failover and multiple sources of connectivity; eliminating a single point of failure. Reduce costs: Eliminating on- premises hardware helps reduce both capital and operational expenditure – transitioning to the cloud eliminates the need to purchase new hardware and eliminating on-premises equipment reduces the associated costs of power and cooling. Enhance security: Moving key servers and storage from a room in the office to a data centre facility places your data and equipment in a more secure environment. One that features both physical and virtual security at a level that is likely to far exceed an on-premises estate. As organisations transition to the cloud, they are increasingly adopting colocation as a way to experience the benefits of a cloud-ready environment whilst leveraging greater value from their existing investment in technology. According to Forrester research, 59% of organisations will be employing a hybrid cloud infrastructure in 2017. Compare pricing and service level agreements to see who offers best value for the level of service you require. Remember, colocation is not strictly a price consideration. ONI has produced a useful ‘Colocation Checklist’ in their guide ‘Colocation. A Best Practice Guide to IT’ to make sure you’re asking all the right questions when it comes to evaluating potential suppliers. The hidden costs Key things to look for when selecting your data centre. ‘According to Forrester research, 59% of organisations will be employing a hybrid cloud infrastructure in 2017.’ The perfect partner As you seek to take advantage of the benefits of colocation – improving IT agility, scalability, availability and cost efficiency – it is important to choose the right colocation partner. The more complex your proposed infrastructure, the more likely it is to feature a combination of on- premises, public and private cloud. When it comes to choosing the right colocation provider for you, here are six key considerations:  •  Where are you located?  •  How much bandwidth do you need?  •  How much space do you need?  •  What connection speeds do you need?  •  How often will you need to access your equipment?  •  What level of support do you need?  If proximity is important, shortlist the service providers in your chosen geography and visit the facilities to get a first-hand impression. If you are looking for more geographic diversity for back-up and DR, identify other geographies within two to three hours of your main site that meet both criteria. Talk to the on-site technicians as they will become a part of your extended technical team. Colocation costs are not limited to the physical amount of space you rent. In addition to your footprint costs, which will feature economies of scale, there are other charges to consider. Charges may include: Rack space; power; internet breakout; bandwidth; support ; back-up; firewall or set- up fees. Speak to your potential provider to get a quote for the services you will need. Still Stuck? As an experienced colocation provider, ONI has addressed many of the issues above. Since the first day that ONI launched its Tier 3+ data centre in 2011 it has achieved 100% uptime, meaning you can be confident that your business critical infrastructure will never fail. With every IT leader seemingly under pressure to accelerate their journey to the cloud ONI is offering Colo-Plus. For each colocation rack purchased, with Colo-Plus you can get two of ONI’s cloud services free for up to 12 months, allowing customers to utilise colocation and the cloud under one umbrella. Whether you are looking to reduce costs, drive digital transformation or accelerate your journey to the cloud, Colo- Plus will help you get there sooner, at a lower cost and with less risk. September 2017 | 13