DCN September 2017 - Page 12

on the cover A Moving Experience As our production of data continues to snowball, many organisations are seeking solace in colocation. But how do you know if colocation is the right move for you? Kevin Kivlochan, co-founder and sales and marketing director at ONI, walks us through what it’s all about, the benefits and what to consider when choosing that all important colocation provider. C olocation is often over simplified as merely renting space from a data centre service provider, to house servers and storage. However, colocation involves more than simply renting anything from a rack to a room.  A colocation agreement will include more than the physical space to house your equipment; it will include power and cooling, connectivity, redundancy, physical security and, increasingly, a range of professional and managed service offerings to support your IT and business needs.  12 | September 2017 Colocation and the cloud Colocation is often seen as the first step towards cloud adoption, where an organisation moves elements of its IT infrastructure off-premise. The migration of services from on-premise to third-party data centre facilities has been driven by a number of key factors. Principal among them have been the evolution of business IT demands, the emergence of enterprise-class data centre services and the ever- present need to lower costs.  On their journey to the cloud, many organisations choose to adopt a hybrid infrastructure. One that frequently includes an element of colocation. The reasons why are obvious, not only are you moving to a state-of-the-art data centre facility – benefiting from all the connectivity, resilience, security etc. that comes from your service provider’s investment in the latest technologies to support enterprise cloud services – but you are also able to sweat your current investment in IT – prolonging its useful life. When equipment goes end of life you can transition to a utility based cloud service from within the same, familiar, secure environment. Or, you can scale your computing