DCN September 2016 - Page 39

products & innovations REDUCE DATA CENTRE ASSET LIABILITIES WITH HARTING’S HA-VIS RFID LOCFIELD ANTENNA Harting has launched its Ha-VIS RFID Locfield coaxial cable waveguide antenna. Up until now it has been unrealistic from a physical location point of view to directly integrate even the most compact passive RFID UHF patch antennas into existing data centre server rack arrays. Typically, four antennas would have to be separately mounted either side of the front of each server rack, in both the upper and lower areas and carefully positioned to ensure there are no gaps in the RF field coverage. Harting’s Locfield antenna can be directly integrated, with insulating spacers, onto the rear side of the front access door of each server rack. Only one of these Ha-VIS RFID Locfield antennas needs to be fitted for a fully installed 45U sever rack. By fitting in an extended S-shape design you can achieve the best possible RF field coverage of the complete rack. In conjunction with a single reader which has the required power to match the correct read distances, it can register passive RFID tags that provide specific item identification within a rack and additional sensor functionalities, eg. detecting empty or occupied slots, thus minimising the complete data centre system installation cost. For further information visit: www.harting-rfid.com Kingston Digital releases new entry level Data Center SSD Kingston Digital has announced Data Center 400 (DC400) SSD, the latest solid state drive to its range of enterprise solutions. DC400 SSD is an entry level enterprise drive designed for server use in data centres especially for customers who deploy a rip-and-replace strategy. It is ideal for read intensive applications such as boot, web servers and lower data rate operational databases and analytics – especially in data centre mixed workload environments where endurance and reliability are important. DC400 SSD offers superior quality of service for data centre customers whose workload environment calls for sustained IOPS and consistent low latency. An expanded onboard DRAM acceleration cache enables high, sustained IOPS to increase performance over a wide range of read/write workloads. Standard as well as user adjustable overprovisioning improves random IOPS performance and endurance while enterprise firmware improves latency and delivers consistently low data access times under steady state workloads. Additionally, DC400 SSD features enterprise class reliability with end-toend data path protection and firmware implemented power loss protection (‘pFAIL’). For further information visit: www.kingston.com Cloudian deploys Amazon S3 compatible on-premises object storage, sold and metered in AWS Marketplace Cloudian has announced that its flagship software, HyperStore, is now available through Amazon Web Services Marketplace (AWS Marketplace). Customers can purchase Cloudian software directly from AWS Marketplace, deploy it in their infrastructure and centralise visibility of usage and billing through their AWS monthly invoice. The new service is available through AWS Marketplace and subscribers can select a Cloudian Amazon S3 Hybrid deployment, providing all the features of HyperStore’s object storage with monthly usage based monitoring and billing direct from AWS. Dynamic data tiering at the bucket level from onpremises storage to cloud storage with Amazon S3 or Amazon Glacier allows customers to scale as their needs grow. HyperStore object storage is a peer-to-peer software defined platform that enables enterprises and solution providers to build full-featured, Amazon S3 compatible cloud storage in a variety of capacities: on-premises, utilising stand alone software; via fully integrated Cloudian HyperStore appliances; or via AWS Marketplace. HyperStore’s multi-tenanted and multiinterface design can support many applications on the same platform. For further information visit: www.cloudian.com 39