DCN September 2016 - Page 38

products & innovations Hitachi Data Systems announces enhanced integration with VMware solutions Hitachi Data Systems is now offering a new series of solutions designed for the software defined data centre, empowering customers to realise the full power of digital transformation, which requires a modern, agile IT environment in order to take advantage of cloud, open source and emerging technologies to deliver reliable IT services. The company today announced support for VMware NSX network virtualisation platform, which when combined with the trusted family of high performance converged and hyperconverged infrastructure systems from Hitachi Data Systems provides a solid foundation for powering solutions that customers can build upon with confidence. Now, Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) customers will benefit from NSX, which will help automate deployment of applications with complete networking services and advanced network virtualisation capabilities. NSX helps them improve security with microsegmentation and granular security policy enforcement. Hitachi Data Systems has entered into an OEM agreement whereby the company will sell VMware NSX for use with Hitachi Unified Compute Platform. For further information visit: www.hitachi.com 38 Gigamon introduces new solution to automate traffic visibility for the software defined data centre Gigamon has announced the general availability and certification of the GigaVUE-VM integration with VMware NSX, a solution that automates traffic visibility for the software defined data centre (SDDC). While utilising the compelling benefits of a software defined data centre architecture based upon the VMware NSX platform, customers can now leverage the GigaVUE-VM solution to enable enhanced and configurable visibility into their workload traffic patterns. GigaVUE-VM, the virtual visibility component of Gigamon’s GigaSecure Security Delivery Platform, uses VMware NSX Dynamic Service Insertion and NetX API integration to deliver pervasive and automated reach to virtual traffic in the SDDC. The GigaSecure platform with VMware NSX enables organisations to configure and automate the capture of virtual network traffic and delivery to their network and security tools. Specific NSX traffic policies can be configured and associated with the security groups in the micro-segmented deployment. As security groups expand in scale, NSX automatically copies the virtual traffic to Gigamon’s GigaSecure Security Delivery Platform for replication and optimisation before delivery to security tools. For further information visit: www.gigamon.com EKKOSENSE LAUNCHES IOT MONITORING SYSTEM TO MEASURE DATA CENTRE COOLING LOADS IN REAL TIME EkkoSense has launched EkkoAir – an IoT monitoring solution to track data centre cooling loads in real time. EkkoAir, which can be simply fitted to any cooling unit in moments, wirelessly allows operators to monitor thermal instabilities right across the data centre, enabling them to balance thermal profiles so that only those cooling units that need to be working are actually active. By concentrating on actual cooling dut 䁥ɵѥM͔ѥѕ́ѡЁфɕ́)ɽٔѡȁٕɅɝəɵѼȁи) 䁍ɥɵѥѡЁ݅́ɕ٥ͱչم䁉ѼɅ)ѕɅɔɕѥ́ѡȁЁ٥ՅչЁȁфɔٕɅѽ́܁Ʌ)ѥ́Ёɽ́ѡȃLɕٕ܁ͥ́Ѽѡչɱ她ͥ́)фɕ̸)ȁݽɭ́ɅݥѠѡݕəհM͔ ɥѥͽѥѡЁх́مх)ݕəհѕѼȁՔ٥܁ɕѥфɔͥ)ѡɵ幅̸)ȁѡȁɵѥ٥ܹ͕͔ͥլ((0