DCN September 2016 - Page 35

projects & agreements LDeX Group doubles capacity in Manchester LDeX Group has doubled its capacity at its LDeX2 data centre campus in Trafford Park, Manchester, following continued growth and an uptick in customer demand. The new 20,000ft2 site, nextdoor to LDeX’s current data centre, will house network carriers and global Internet Exchange Points (IXPs), with customers benefiting from support by expert technicians 365 days a year. The state-of-the-art facility will also offer carrier neutral colocation, network connectivity and streaming media satellite services to a large array of clients in the UK, Europe and the USA. LDeX Group owners Rob Garbutt and Patrick Doyle founded the company in London following the successful sale of their previous organisation, Manchester based UK Grid Group, to Telecity Group plc in September 2011. Inspired by the region’s burgeoning technology scene and armed with a wealth of knowledge of the local data centre market, the pair opened LDeX’s first Manchester based data centre in July last year.  FERRARI AND SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC TEAM UP TO PUSH LIMITS ON DATA CENTRE EFFICIENCY AND RELIABILITY Schneider Electric has deployed a second data centre for Scuderia Ferrari, the racing team division of the world famous Ferrari sports car manufacturer. Ferrari commissioned its first Schneider Electric/APC data centre in 2004. That data centre was equipped with a cooling capacity of 20kW per rack. The InfraStruxure modular, scalable system serves as the physical infrastructure supporting computational fluid dynamics (CFD) platform and the simulations essential to the aerodynamic modeling of Ferrari’s championship Formula One cars. Ferrari’s second data centre was built in 2015. A 300m2 site was created to support Ferrari’s Formula One car design team. Like the earlier data centre, it is also equipped with high efficiency cooling solutions, automatic static transfer switch (ATS) and hot aisle containment. The on-demand architecture of InfraStruxure provides power, cooling, management and services in a rack optimised design, which is scalable in accommodating server capacity. Such scalability eliminates much of the planning guesswork, reduces installation downtime risk, and allows for the optimisation of today’s high density computing installations. The integrated cooling system consists of in-row precision air conditioners, and high efficiency hot aisle containment systems (HACS).  Continuum expands international offerings with new data centre in London Continuum has extended its international offering with a new data centre in London, UK. The opening of the facility marks an increased investment for the company’s managed IT services provider partners across Europe and will give Continuum’s MSP partners in the region the ability to use Continuity247 to ensure client data is securely backed up, protected and accessible to its clients. Continuum has been utilising cloud storage via two redundant IBM Cloud data centres in the US to ensure security, reliability and availability of MSP customer data since the launch of Continuity247 in 2015. Georgia based IT services provider Sophicity, BSS Consulting in Indiana, California based WAMS, as well as eProsper in Toronto, have all recently announced using Continuity247 and the public cloud storage capabilities provided by the company’s US based data centres. The new facility in London will allow Continuum to extend the benefits of its fully managed BDR offering outside of North America for the first time. The London data centre has built-in 2N redundancy to ensure that data is always available. 35