DCN September 2016 - Page 34

projects & agreements Sudlows delivers new look to Cotton Traders head office Sudlows has completed a full office fit out, including all electrical and data works, for Cotton Traders new offices in Altrincham. The newly acquired 10 year leased office is set amongst several other existing Cotton Traders head office buildings, allowing its business to grow together. As the move involved the relocation of most of the company’s main customer facing staffing structure, it was critical that the project be completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. A project of this scale would usually take around 7-8 weeks, however the Sudlows Enterprise Services team completed it in just four weeks, with the Cotton Traders team moving in just a few short hours after project completion. Sudlows provided the new office with an entirely new comms room, cabling and a newly installed connectivity infrastructure including high speed fibre cabling. These installations allowed Cotton Traders to function at an optimal work rate, improving its services across the board as well as overall employee experience. Additional to this, Sudlows was able to fit out the entire office, from the construction of partition walls, glass offices to installing a new kitchen and functioning collaborative workspace. 34 TELEHOUSE COMPLETES FIRST PHASE OF LONDON DOCKLANDS NORTH TWO DATA CENTRE Telehouse Europe has launched the first phase of Telehouse North Two, its new £135m data centre in London, and has marked the occasion by confirming the London Internet Exchange (LINX) as a partner. With two floors of secure colocation space immediately available to early adopters, Telehouse North Two will cover 24,000m2 of gross floor area across an 11 storey building within Telehouse’s existing 73,000m2 Docklands campus, ideally located very close to the centre of London. In addition to LINX, several other new and existing customers have already registered their interest in purchasing space within Telehouse North Two, following advance tours earlier this year. The investment in North Two further enhances connectivity at Telehouse’s Docklands campus, with direct access to a diverse range of connectivity partners. This enables Telehouse to meet the growing demand from Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and OverThe-Top content providers (OTTs) resulting from the rise in cloud adoption and the increased demands for content. North Two will provide the infrastructure for its existing and new customers to expand, with direct connections to its base of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Application Service Providers (ASPs), carriers, mobile and content providers, enterprises and financial service companies. Netcore awards data centre contract to Zenium Zenium has announced that NetCore has entered into an agreement to take data centre space in Istanbul One, its leading edge data centre facility in Turkey. Zenium was awarded the contract as a result of its high quality infrastructure and full redundancy capabilities; both of which were considered to be business critical components for NetCore during the decision making process.   During the ѕͥٔՔɽ́9 ɔ݅́ɕ͕䁄յ)́ݥѡѡiմфɔɥMٕ䁅ͥɽ)əɵхѥѥ́ݕɔѕѥձȻ )iմ%хհ=݅́եЁݥѠɕͥ́ѡՅɕͥха)ѥѡЁٕѡՅ́ݕ́ɅѥɅ䁽ɝ)̸ ɥͥѡɕ͕х͔ͥե̰Ё(Ȱȁѥѕ((