DCN September 2016 - Page 29

network monitoring centre. First, if you can reduce the workload of IT staff, you have of course saved money. A survey by network monitoring firm Paessler polled 648 of its customers in 2015, and 64 per cent reported saving ‘significant’ to ‘exceptional’ amounts of time using network monitoring, while 24 per cent reported saving ‘some’ work time. Also, 87 per cent reported network monitoring increased the general reliability of their IT system. The automation of network monitoring tools reduces the time spent looking for the source of smaller issues, which amount to a worrying proportion of work hours. Too much time is spent looking for the problem versus actually fixing it – and this is one way monitoring can help with the efficiency of IT spending. Industry experts have made estimates that convey that downtime can have huge costs. While the numbers are often impressive, they tell a small portion of the story. Look at the long term soft benefits of network monitoring and you will be able to make a far more convincing case for investment in it, and give yourself the complete picture of the benefits available. As well as its regular range of features and news items, the next of Data Centre News will contain a major feature on green IT. To make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to advertise your products to this exclusive readership, call Francesca on 01634 673163 or email francesca@allthingsmedialtd.com. ue… iss xt Ne GREEN IT