DCN September 2016 - Page 19

colocation & outsourcing an inefficient approach to data storage is the root cause of these challenges. Investing in compression and deduplication not only reduces the storage capacity requirement for primary data, but can accelerate performance by reducing the write load. Stand alone solutions introduce additional operational complexity and capex, but some hyperconverged infrastructures now incorporate local data optimisation without adding new layers of complexity. Furthermore, systems with globally aware deduplication schemes ensure that data remains optimised between sites, transforming unwieldy remote back ups into operations that are completed over a cup of tea. That’s a back up problem, but if the objective is disaster recovery the real measure is the RTO. Let’s assume all servers are virtualised. How long does it take IT to recover that critical virtual machine or group of VMs and put them back online? How many pages long is your playbook? Can you do it even if colleagues are on holiday? How easy is it to subsequently return to ‘normal operations’? Here, virtualisation to date has only delivered a partial solution because storage must still be manually configured to provide a LUN or share onto which a datastore is configured, then the virtual machine restored to that datastore and then finally the VM can be brought online. Now hyperconvergence can virtualise data so that VMs are abstracted from physical storage, and this makes it possible to recover a VM with a single ‘point and click’ operation in virtualisation tools such as vCenter. Combine all the recent technological advances now available within hyperconverged infrastructure and it is not uncommon to slash RTOs from hours to minutes or even seconds and subsequent recovery to normal operations is just as simple. Remove the complexity If your team is under pressure to deliver more with less and you’re spending your time troubleshooting back ups, it’s a lose-lose situation for you and for the business. Infrastructure has finally caught up and is delivering on the promises of virtualisation. Remove the complexity of system dependencies, optimise data once and forever and make your remote site back up and disaster recovery as simple as setting a policy for your VMs in your virtualisation tool. Web Shop: www.pennelcomonline.com Web Catalogue: www.penn-elcom.com EM - Server Racks Series With their solid high end construction, the EM Rack Servers Series are a high quality solution for all of your IT and audio/visual requirements at an affordable cost. + Vented Design Threaded Rack Rails Removable Adjustable Mounting Depth Side Panels Available Available From 22U to 47U 600mm, 800mm & 1000mm U Sizes 1U Panel Knockouts Castors and Feet Included Depths Comes with tempered glass or vented steel front door onlineuk@penn-elcom.com 01424 429 641 UK MADE