DCN September 2016 - Page 13

meet me room JIM HART – BUSINESS CRITICAL SOLUTIONS Jim Hart has been CEO of Business Critical Solutions (BCS) since its formation in 2016. Designed to fulfil a need in the market for an integrated IT asset solution, Jim drives the strategic direction of the company and helps provide assured outcomes for clients. With a total of 30 years in the M&E industry, he has spent the past 15 years in business critical facilities such as data centres, mission critical infrastructure and secure installations, with EC Harris, Mitie and Northcroft. Can you remember what job you wanted when you were a child? I always dreamt of being a fighter pilot and I actually went through officer selection and I was accepted. However, I eventually decided to go down a different path during my A-Levels that focused around becoming a rugby player, which was my other preferred option!   What attracted you to a career in the IT industry? The beauty of the IT industry is that it never stays still and that change is always embraced, which is counterintuitive in the construction industry. I have always been attracted to the technology side of things and I do love a gadget.   Looking back on your career so far, is there anything you might have done differently? Taking the IT asset proposition to market sooner. The experience I’ve had in the technical real estate sector has been fabulous, but times have changed and now the need is heavily focused on IT and driven by IT enablement. Having moved our focus to the IT asset with a holistic view of IT infrastructure and technical real estate needs, we will be able to help clients more by immersing ourselves within the IT industry with the knowledge we bring from the technical real estate sector.    How do you think the rate of change in the data centre industry over the next decade will compare to the last 10-15 years? There will be no comparison. If you look at what has happened over the last two years and compare that with the previous five, the rate of change has been phenomenal. Flexibility and agility will be key for any business going forward. If you look at some of the amazing businesses that have emerged recently, such as Airbnb, the world’s largest accommodation provider, but owns no real estate, Netflix, the world’s largest movie house, but owns no cinemas, Uber, the world’s largest taxi company, but owns no vehicles. The list goes on, but the theme is one of an agile approach that delivers explosive growth – all underpinned by technology. IT will become an enabling utility. Are there any major changes that you would like to see in the data centre industry? Just one. It is vital that the industry proactively embraces change! This will ensure the sector continues to flourish moving forwards.   What are the biggest pressures involved in your job? As a specialist consultancy in a niche market, ensuring we have the necessary number of employees with the right mindset and skill base is always challenging. 13