DCN October 2017 - Page 44

company showcase SPONSORED STORIES FROM THE INDUSTRY The STULZ WPAmini Keeps It Cool In Mission Critical Applications STULZ has announced the launch of the WPAmini chiller with integrated free cooling.  It has been designed specifically for data centres with low cooling requirements and industrial chilling. The compact chiller will deliver a cooling capacity up to 160kW in a very small space. The chillers are operated with two redundant refrigerant circuits to increase operational reliability. Both circuits are controlled on the basis of the required cooling capacity, so that the respective circuit is activated with maximum efficiency when minimal cooling is needed. The WPAmini is equipped with maximum size aluminium microchannel condensers and four scroll compressors. The compressor operating time can be reduced to a minimum using the optional free cooling facility, which will considerably reduce power consumption, and operating costs. Three operating modes are available in total: DX mode, free cooling mode and mixed mode. In mixed mode, cooling capacity is generated by means of simultaneous free cooling and compressor cooling. This means that significant energy savings can be achieved even at moderate outdoor temperatures. Thanks to the technology, this latest innovation from STULZ can also run in extreme local climates. For further information visit: www.stulz.de/en/stulz-explorer-range/ stulz-explorer-wpamini/ Fluke Establishes Microsite Resource To Support Data Centre Personnel To support the smooth running of data centres, Fluke has developed a web microsite specifically targeting those running and maintaining the infrastructure. The site provides a range of downloadable information for data centre personnel. Easy contact is made possible with an expert from Fluke who will be able to advise on the best Fluke tool to solve a problem. The microsite offers downloadable content, including: ‘Data Center Solutions’ – showing a plan of a data centre and suggesting checks that should be made and suitable Fluke tools for carrying out those tasks. ‘Six essential tests to keep your UPS system running’ – describing the regular testing of individual battery cells as well as the UPS system as a whole. ‘Monitoring temperature, humidity and airflow in data centres’ – a US-based application article describing the use of a thermal imager and an airflow meter to monitor the true ambient conditions. ‘Detecting electrical unbalance and overloads’ – describing the use of a thermal imager, power quality and other electrical test tools to monitor and resolve issues. For further information visit: www.fluke.co.uk/datacenters 44 | October 2017