DCN October 2017 - Page 43

Projects & Agreements ForeScout and CrowdStrike Align to Deliver Advanced Endpoint and Network Threat Protection ForeScout Technologies and CrowdStrike have announced a strategic alliance that will deliver comprehensive visibility, threat detection and security response for joint customers. Through this partnership, the two companies will monitor threats across endpoint and network tiers, share threat analytics and extend protection and policy control to unmanaged Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD), guest and IoT devices. Modern enterprise networks are challenged with managing increasingly complex environments along with exponential growth in volume and diversity of devices. The rise of network-connected devices has increased the attack surface, making it more challenging for organisations to prevent, detect and respond to cyber attacks. ForeScout and CrowdStrike will streamline and improve security operations for customers by leveraging ForeScout’s advanced device visibility and control capabilities combined with CrowdStrike’s AI-enabled threat analytics platform. “Many security solutions fail to deliver accurate and meaningful threat insight, which is why organisations are constantly falling prey to cyber attacks,” said George Kurtz, co-founder and CEO, CrowdStrike. “With real-time endpoint detection and response, combined with next-generation threat prevention and proactive threat hunting, organisations will be able to gain an advantage in today’s vast threat landscape. The alliance between ForeScout and CrowdStrike is a better-together approach that will transform how customers protect their network against today’s cybersecurity challenges and tomorrow’s threats.” For further information visit: www.crowdstrike.com Axial Systems Partners with GuardiCore to Address Gaps in Businesses’ Data Centre Security Axial Systems has announced that it is working in partnership with GuardiCore, which provides a single, scalable security solution that helps its customers protect critical workloads and applications through better visibility, micro-segmentation, breach detection and response. Axial has signed an agreement with its distributor partner, Securicom Global, to adopt GuardiCore, and is now actively engaging with its customers and prospects with the GuardiCore Centra Security Platform. “East-west traffic, which is effectively how applications and systems within the data centre ‘talk to’ each other, is a neglected security area within many organisations,” said Mike Simmonds, managing director Axial Systems. “As such, it poses an acute risk to their data and their data centre security. Working with GuardiCore offered us an excellent means of addressing this issue for our customers.” Additionally, GuardiCore Centra includes real-time detection and response featuring high interaction, dynamic deception. This enables the business to detect active breaches within the network, confine them to a secure location and then prioritise and investigate them in order to pinpoint compromised assets for accelerated mitigation and remediation. For further information visit: www.axial.co.uk Rackspace Announces Agreement to Acquire Datapipe Rackspace has announced that it signed an agreement to acquire Datapipe. This acquisition, the largest in Rackspace history, brings important new capabilities to Rackspace and will ena ѡ)Ѽѕȁ͕ٔѽ)̰䁅Ё͍)ɑѼٕ̰)ѡمЁɥ䁽)Ʌєɽ́ѡɕȁɔ)Ց́ѽ䰁ݥͼ)啅́Ѽ ѽ́ٔ)ͭIѼɅ)́ѥ́)ձѥՑ́Ё͍)ݥѠѡեͥѥх)IݥѼ)ѡ́ɽݥ+q=ȁѽ́ɔ)ȁ́ѡɕѡ)ѥ́ɽ́Չ)ɥمєՑ̰ѥ)ѥ)ѡəɵ)ɽ͕ɥ䰁Ё)ѡeɔ͕tͅ)Ȱ <)Iq]Ѡѡեͥѥ)хݗeɔٕ͕Ѽ)ѡձѤՐ)͕٥́ݔɽ٥ȁѽ̰)ݡͼ́Ѽ)չѥ́ɽ́ѡt)Aɕձѽ䁅ɽم̰)Iéեͥѥ)х́ѕѼ͔)DЀܸIݥٕ)ɕͥٔѕɅѥ)ݥхɕЁɔ)Ѽхѡ)ፕѥѽȁэ)ѡЁѠ́ɔݸ)ȸÍ݅ɐ)Ѽݕѡхѕ)啕́ɽх)ȁѡȁɵѥ٥ͥ)ܹɅ)=ѽȀ܁