DCN October 2017 - Page 40

Projects & Agreements Zwanenberg Food Group Selects Commvault for Data Management and Compliance Zwanenberg Food Group has implemented the Commvault Data Platform to provide backup and recovery to ensure improved speed of compliance with data management legislation and facilitate effective disaster recovery through email and file archiving functionality at the company headquarters in Almelo. The other critical element was that Commvault provides extremely broad coverage for hypervisors and containers, delivering full integration with Zwanenberg’s recently implemented Nutanix AHV hypervisor, running on the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform. This enabled a significant decrease to back-up timescales and streamlined corporation- wide data monitoring and management. Zwanenberg Food Group has factories in the United States, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. The seven production sites in the Netherlands have on-premises data centres, making sure the facilities run flawlessly and autonomously. Zwanenberg recently refreshed its entire IT infrastructure, with inclusion of a Nutanix AHV-based environment. The Nutanix environment eliminated the need for tapes for long-term archiving at the company’s headquarters. This enabled all production sites to have automated snapshots delivered every two hours, stored locally and also sent to the headquarters in Almelo for compliance, DR, back-up and archiving purposes. The Commvault Data Platform was the logical choice for Zwanenberg to provide full data management at its headquarters in Twentepoort, Almelo as a data management solution that is fully and immediately compatible with Nutanix AHV. For further information visit: www.commvault.com 40 | October 2017 Datanet and Axians Partner to Monitor and Manage Datanet’s Core Network With the rise in businesses using managed services, or third party suppliers, particularly when it comes to IT, cloud hosting and connectivity provider, Datanet, has called on Axians, to manage all network services for Datanet and its customers. Datanet had been working with Axians for over three years providing access to server racks at its data centre, but with the increasing number of cyber threats Datanet has turned to Axians as a trusted network advisor to help monitor, manage and mitigate any risks. Axians’ technical expertise and experience in network security and support allow Datanet to respond proactively, rather than reactively, to any network requirements and to offer a secure and high performing service to its customers. Axians created a bespoke managed services solution for Datanet, which was designed for its requirements, ensuring that any potential issues that the network faces are identified and acted on before there is any disruption to the service Datanet offers its customers. In less than a month in partnership with Datanet, Axians had already identified and resolved two separate incidents, which although were minor in nature, might not have been discovered without Axians’ 24/7 support. For further information visit: www.datanet.co.uk and www.axians.co.uk Computacenter Joins Dataguise in Support of Sensitive Data Governance Initiatives Dataguise has welcomed Computacenter to the Dataguise partner community. Computacenter has adopted Dataguise DgSecure software and will support enterprise clients globally with the solution’s powerful ability to detect, protect, monitor, and audit sensitive data. Under the terms of the partnership with Dataguise, the Dataguise software platform will be made available to Computacenter clients throughout the UK and Europe. Computacenter has joined with Dataguise, adopting DgSecure in support of a wide range of data protection needs and mandates, including the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which threatens to levy severe fines upon companies not within compliance. DgSecure provides a policy-driven approach to protecting sensitive information with consistent procedures across data stores for total security and compliance of data at the source, in-flight, and at rest. The solution is ideal for organisations seeking to access sensitive information for business analytics or other purposes as it provides the flexibility to allow business units sharing a data resource, such as a database or Hadoop cluster, to set their own policies for their data. For further information visit: www.computacenter.com