DCN October 2017 - Page 36

IT Automation R-E-S-P-E-C-T Leon Adato, head geek at SolarWinds tells us how to optimise automation and why failure to respect the process could spell disaster. W hen used correctly, IT automation is a simple and effective means of significantly increasing both the productivity of your data centre, and the consistency of its output. Automation and all of its wonderful time saving benefits are well documented, but it is also important to recognise and respect the skill level that is required for its successful application. 36 | October 2017 It is crucial for the implementer to have a fundamental understanding of the task or workload that is being automated. If this is not the case, then the operational efficiencies that can be realised by IT automation will be compromised, issues will arise during the automation process, and the results that you were hoping to achieve will become a distant dream. The grounds for automation Within the data centre, automation should be applied to systematic tasks that require consistency and regularity. In layman’s terms, a series of basic steps that should be followed to fulfil a single task. Such workflows can cover management actions, such as provisioning or reclaiming virtual resources, and include setting up profiles and configurations in a one-to-many