DCN October 2017 - Page 35

GPDR drive all of the changes required ahead of the GDPR. Thanks to digital transformation, almost all businesses are software based and therefore reliant on data to provide detailed insights into customer purchasing habits. Streamlining data management is not only an essential part of GDPR, but by getting smart about their data, businesses can make the most out of the information that is freely available to them. This enables them to make better decisions about how they approach customers. Being the master of your data allows businesses to deliver a more targeted experience to customers through personalised communications and marketing. Embrace the business opportunity useful for GDPR compliance. Humans are brilliant, but we make silly mistakes all too often. Under GDPR, businesses quite literally cannot afford to make mistakes with sensitive data. Not only are there stiff fines for non-compliance, but also the subsequent effect on a company’s reputation will have a marked effect on a company’s bottom line. As the public has become more informed about the protection of their data, they see its protection as a human right. Companies must treat its protection as essential. Tools alone will not be enough to Compliance should not be seen as a one-off task, rather it’s a continuous part of conducting business. It is not a static, one-off problem that can be solved by ticking a box. Compliance must be seen as an integral part of an organisation’s every day process. The DPO will be instrumental in encouraging people to conduct their business in a safe way, and in providing education and training to ensure they understand best practice. They will need to be given teeth in their organisations to mobilise the change needed. This might mean a seat on the board, or at least direct support from the C-suite. GDPR compliance is a companywide issue, it cannot be side-lined or overlooked by any part of an organisation. In short, to make GDPR not just a question of compliance, but a real business opportunity, the DPO requires absolute transparency and cooperation. A cross company willingness to engage and see GDPR and Data Protection as positive can and should be seen as a real opportunity to show your business’ competitive advantage. Indeed, in the words of Elizabeth Denham, UK information commissioner, “Get data protection right and you can see a real business benefit…It offers a pay-off down the line, not just in better legal compliance, but a competitive edge.” “GDPR is a once in a decade opportunity to refresh working practices and invest in methods that digitise businesses working practice.” How can I implement GDPR successfully? GDPR is a once in a decade opportunity to refresh working practices and invest in methods that digitise businesses’ working practice. Make sure that you are skilled in business case creation or have access to ͽѡЁ̸)]ɬɐѼ͡܁ѡЁAH)ѡəЃa͗dѼЁѡ͔)ɽ́Ʌɽ́)ѡɽչѥѡݽɬѼ)ɽɅ́Ʌ͙ɵѥ)ѡЁٕȁѥ̸)UͥAH́ѡյх)́ԁЁɽ)ѡЁԁ܁ݥЁ԰)ɕ٥ͱ䁡ѽɅє)չхѼЁѡɽչ)ͬȁU͔ѡ͔)ɽչԁɸɽѡ)ɥ хѼ)ٕ́ͅѥ)ɽչѡՉа׊eե)ɸݡЁݽɭ́ݡЁͻeи)%Ё́ͼхЁѼ͡ɔѡ͔)ɹ́ݥѠѡх)ȁѼѡ)ٕͅѥ́ݥ)́ɔɔф)ɕ䁅م́)ɕձЁȁɕͥ䁑хٕ̰)͕ͥ́ٔɕͥѼ)ɔͽф́)ͅɽɥєȸ%ӊe)хЁЁѼ͕AH́Ё)́ȁЁѕ)ٽɅչѼɔ)ɝͅѥϊdфɽ͕́ɔ)ݥѠѡ܁%Ёݥѡ)ѡA<Ѽɥٔѡ́ͥѥٔ)ȁѡЁ)ٕ䁉̸ͥ)=ѽȀ܁