DCN October 2017 - Page 20

Green IT Stance On Sustainability When it comes to green data centres, Eric Schwartz, EMEA president at Equinix, explains how we should approach sustainability in order to maximise energy efficiency, whilst minimising our environmental footprint. T he topic of sustainability in the data centre industry has always been one of heated discussion. Let’s face it: Data centres are very energy intensive. Since the explosive growth of the Internet in the 2000s, the data centre market has continued to expand exponentially to keep up with demand. And with the advent of new data-intensive technologies such as cloud computing, driverless cars, high quality video streaming, artificial intelligence and virtual reality, the energy demands in the sector are only expected to increase. When the typical consumer thinks of energy consumption, we think of charging our smartphones or keeping our lights and heating 20 | October 2017 turned on at home. We don’t immediately think of the energy consumption that takes place behind the scenes to process data, whether this be in the form of watching a movie over an Internet connection, processing a contactless card payment, or using an app across multiple devices. However, the data processing that takes place behind the scenes that makes these technologies possible can require more energy than the more obvious power draws in our day-to-day lives. In recent years, it’s become easier than ever to consume vast quantities of data, and as internet traffic continues to grow, green business practices in the industry have become more important than ever. Keeping consumption clean Energy consumption is an intrinsic part of our industry. Processing and moving data consumes power: There’s no changing that. However, progress needs to be made in maximising energy efficiency and reducing our dependence on non- renewable sources. Being green in the industry requires a balance between providing an efficient, reliable service that so many people, and businesses depend upon, and the need to move beyond reliance on non-renewable energy, even when there is sometimes no viable alternative in certain markets. For Equinix, our promise to our customers is to provide cont VW0