DCN October 2017 - Page 17

case study coloured differently according to the incoming power source, which helps Zenium to simplify operation and maintenance on-site. For reliable power distribution, the containers were equipped with Eaton’s Power Xpert FMX medium voltage switchgear, which provides reliable power protection, metering and distribution of electrical energy using only environmentally friendly technology and materials. To further accelerate the project, the switchgear also featured software logic to enable control algorithms to be developed during the construction process. Safety first As the containers are built to a compact footprint, the challenge for Eaton was to ensure that safety was enhanced as much as possible. In normal switchgear, gases caused by an internal arc are guided out by means of an extra arc duct. This requires extra space, additional building costs and is limited as to where it can be located. In contrast, Eaton’s Power Xpert FMX switchgear, features an integrated arc channel, with absorber, to help mitigate the impact of arc events. This frees up where it can be placed, making it an optimum and safe choice for tight spaces. Alongside this, Eaton’s Power Xpert 9395P backup power systems were deployed for protection of the critical loads within the data halls. All the 9395P’s critical components employ redundant designs with control technology that provides advance warning of potential component failures to reduce unexpected outages. The 9395Ps further simplify containment design by integrating airflow management and internal cooling fans. The units can also reduce the heat emitted from their electrical cables by up to 33%, while redundancy in the power supply logic unit and cooling fans eliminates the need for additional wiring and cooling systems. The inherent cooling capabilities make Eaton’s backup power systems highly efficient and contribute to an ultra-low PUE, providing cost savings to Zenium that it can extend to its customers. “We design all our data centres for improved operation at higher internal and external temperatures to reduce mechanical cooling requirements, energy consumption and overall cost for customers,” explained Mike. “The inherent airflow management capabilities of Eaton’s backup power systems paired with one of the highest temperature operating ranges in the industry compounded to greatly reduce the cost of running a large data centre.” The containers arrived factory painted to conform to Zenium’s colour coded site Scalable space saving To help Zenium and its customers easily accommodate future requirements, the 9395Ps are engineered with internal scalability modules. This technology enables the company to adapt to future changes in load demands and meet new requirements for higher reliability without requiring the purchase of additional backup power system components. The factory- designed and integrated units arrived fully system-tested, requiring minimal assembly on-site By using Eaton’s containerised power distribution units, Zenium was able to preserve valuable data centre floor space while accelerating its project timeline through factory testing and simplified assembly upon delivery. And looking to the future, Zenium can quickly and easily expand its power protection system with inherent scalability while maintaining the health of each backup power system with assistance from Eaton service technicians. “With Eaton’s help, we’ve created a data centre environment that can truly address each one of our customers’ unique requirements while pushing the boundaries of energy efficiency and reliability,” said Mike Venables. “It sounds like a simple task, but it isn’t typically accomplished with as much grace as we’ve managed with Eaton.” October 2017 | 17