DCN October 2016 - Page 48

final thought THE RACE TO THE CLOUD Sam Mager of Krome assesses the evolution of virtualisation. W hen was the last time you had a conversation about technology that didn’t involve cloud computing? Whether it’s for your personal use or for your business, the cloud conversation has progressed from ‘why should I be using cloud?’ to ‘why am I not using cloud?’ and it’s quickly becoming the go-to answer to solve all of your storage and business needs. Virtualisation in its most traditional sense harks back to the days of mainframe computing when it described the division of system resources provided by mainframes There is a huge amount of flexibility offered into today’s virtualised world. between alternate applications. Since then it’s come a long way and now acts as an overarching term that encompasses a number of industry buzz phrases such as software defined networking (SDN), software defined storage (SDS), software defined compute (SDC) and software defined facilities (SDF). Before you jump in with both feet though, pause and consider if your business functions should actually be moved from on-premise into the cloud. There are a number of reasons why an organisation should keep some, if not all, functions on site depending on their specific needs and data. If the answer is yes though, then, if done right, these new trends can deliver more powerful, more compact and more efficient infrastructures that are easier to manage and often deliver more for a lower cost. This is where it is critical to work with the right technology partner who has your business needs front of mind and who can advise on how to ensure you have the most efficient infrastructure that is both easier to manage and delivers more power for less cost. Strike the balance In addition, you no longer have to sacrifice the security offered by your on-premise infrastructure. Hyperconverged infrastructures can sit in the cloud, be connected to the 48 cloud, be delivered as a service via the cloud or sit on site as an onpremise solution. Striking the balance between putt ٕѡ)ՉȁɥمєՐ)ͽɅѥ́ɕ͔́ɥѥ)ȁᅵ׊eɔݽɭ)ѡѡɔȁ͕٥)ɥ́ԁ䁹Ѽ)͕ͥѥٔфɥمєɕ͔)фɕ́Ѽɔ)Aѹ́ɝͅѥ)٥єѡѠݕѡ͔)ɕЁѥ́ɔѡ)ɅѡՐ݅ѡЁݽɭ)ȁѡȁ̰ͥȁᅵݥѠ)ɥɽݡ́ɕͥ)ձȁѕɥ͕́ѽ)Qɔ́՝չЁ)᥉䁽ɕѼѽe)٥Յ͕ݽɱḾյ)́ѡɱ̰)٥Յͅѥ́ٽٕѼɽ٥)ͽѥ́ѡЁɔɅչЁѼ)Սѥ͕ͥ́)ɭЁӊéЁѼѽ)ѥͽ% ́ɕѕѡ)ѕɹՐѥݥɕ͔)ɽȁȁЁѽѼȸā)ЁЁѡ̰٥Ը)ȁЁɽѠQՑɕ)ѡЁՐ͕́ݥɕͥѼ)ѽ݅ɐɥՐɅѕ)ɽɥѡɕ́ѡЁѹ́ɔ)͕ѡ䁅ɕ丁Q)ٽѥ٥ՅͅѥͻeЁѼ)ͱ܁ݸѥͽLӊéѥѼ)Ёɐѡɥ((0