DCN October 2016 - Page 46

products & innovations NEW OBJECT STORAGE OFFERING FROM DATADIRECT NETWORKS DataDirect Networks (DDN) has announced the WOS8460 – a new object storage appliance that delivers cost optimised capacity with enough performance to support the growing number of object use cases. Leveraging DDN unique capabilities, the WOS8460 delivers hard cost advantages, faster performance, higher availability and greater density, in configurations that can start smaller and scale in more granular increments.  DDN WOS is making it easier for IT organisations to realise object storage efficiencies across expanded use cases, such as active archive and collaborative communities. With almost 7PB of capacity per industry standard rack, WOS’s density and ability to scale a single node at a time make it extremely efficient on space, power and cooling. DDN’s complete suite of WOS object storage solutions includes two performance appliances: the WOS7000 and the new WOS8460 appliance, and the WOS9660 capacity appliance, plus WOS as software-only. The new WOS8460 appliance will be generally available in November 2016. For further information visit: www.ddn.com HPE Aruba introduces Mobile First Platform to unlock the potential of modern IT infrastructures Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, has announced the Aruba Mobile First Platform, a software layer that uses application programming interfaces (APIs) to provide third party developers and business leaders network insights to improve applications and services. The platform accelerates integration and innovation of mobile and IoT at the speed of the developer ecosystem, rather than the pace of a single vendor. To support today’s mobile first and rapidly developing IoT environment, networks must deliver more than connectivity. The days of one-dimensional networks designed for static functions are over. Modern networks must be able to easily adapt new application requirements on-demand. With actionable insights about the use o ́ѡ)Ʌѥѕ́ݕɕ%Pѡ䁹Ѽɝͅѥ)ѥ䁙ɔхѕ䁥ٕѵ̸)QՉ5ЁAљɴչ́ѡ䁙ȁѕ)ٕ́ѕٕ́Ѽɕ䁥مєѥͥѡɥ)ѕՅɵѥѡՉɅՍɔ́ɽ)%P٥̰幅䁍ѽ͔ݽɭչѥ́ɕѥ)́ɕձаѽ́ɽٔѥɕє܁ѥ́Ѽ)ѡѽȁɥɽٔͥ́Ʌѥ̰ɥٔ)܁ɕٕՔչѥ̸)ȁѡȁɵѥ٥ܹͥՉݽɭ̹() ɽٕ́مѥٔ܁ɽѥͽѥͥȁѡхɄ((() ɽ́չѡ ɽ)M1`ЁɅѥф)ɔɽѥͽѥͥѼ)ЁѡѥɽѠ)ݽɬɅٕȁѡم)չѥѡЁɝͅѥ)ɕեɔ́ѡ䁅Ʌєѡȁх)Ʌ͙ɵѥQѕͥM1`(ɽ٥́ͥ䰁͍)əɵȀф)ɔ̸͔͕)1ٕɅչՔѥ() ɽM1`%ͥЁɍѕɔѡ)ٕ́مͥٔݽɬ٥ͥѼ)ЁɕͥɥЁ͕٥)̸ٕQM1`ͼх)مх ɽ]ɭ) ͕ȁѼɽ٥͕ٕȁ͕)=̵屔ݽɬѽѥѡ)ѕɅѕ́ɽ́%Ṕȁѽݽɭ܁ѽѥ )ѹȁɕ́ѡЀظЁ)ѕѡ́ݥ͔)ݽɱݥذȁЁɽ()ЀȁЁфɅ)]ѠՐ͕٥̰٥ɕ)%ѕɹЁQ̀%P)ѥ٥䁝ɽݥЁѥ)Ʌѕ̰ɝͅѥ́Ёɔѡ)ѡɅՍɔѡ䁑ѽ)ЁɅѥɔɅ)ɽѠЁѡͅѥ́ݽɬ)Ʌѥ䁍ѥՕ́Ѽ)ɽܰɽٕ٥ͥ䁅ѽѥ)ɔ͕ѥѼ٥)ͥ́()ɑ݅ɔͽ݅ɔمѥ̰ѡ)M1`ɽѕȁՑ́ѡ((԰ݥɕ( %İ٥ݥչЁ()ȁѡȁɵѥ٥ͥ)ܹɽ((0