DCN October 2016 - Page 45

products & innovations BENNING UK LAUNCHES NEW MODULAR UPS SYSTEM FOR DATA CENTRES Benning UK has launched the Enertronic Modular SE, a new, modular three phase UPS system for data centres. It is specifically designed to meet the most demanding data centre requirements, with increased efficiency delivered through its unique user selectable ‘sleep mode’, which intelligently deactivates modules when the supported load falls below selected levels. Major disturbance in the electrical supply can have disastrous consequences for businesses and operators of data centres, which led Benning UK to focus its research and development on the unique requirements data centres face. In response, Benning has developed Enertronic Modular SE – a truly modular, highly flexible three phase UPS system. The Enertronic SE combines availability and high power quality with no single point of failure and low running costs due to the system’s high operating efficiency and ‘pay as you grow’ scalability. As each UPS module is a highly efficient double conversion, serial online UPS utilising decentralised parallel architecture, the Enertronic Modular SE system has no single point of failure. UPS modules can be paralleled together for vertical scalability, as well as paralleled horizontally in multiple cabinets to achieve up to 1,000kW power capacity. For further information visit: www.benninguk.com IBM Linux servers designed to accelerate artificial intelligence, deep learning and advanced analytics IBM has revealed a series of new servers designed to help propel cognitive workloads and to drive greater data centre efficiency. Featuring a new chip, the Linux based line-up incorporates innovations from the OpenPower community that deliver higher levels of performance and greater computing efficiency than available on any x86 based server.   Collaboratively developed with some of the world’s leading technology companies, the new power systems are uniquely designed to propel artificial intelligence, deep learning, high performance data analytics and other compute heavy workloads, which can help businesses and cloud service providers save money on data centre costs. The three new systems are an expansion of IBM’s Linux server portfolio comprised of IBM’s specialised line of servers codeveloped with fellow members of the OpenPower Foundation. The new servers join the Power Systems LC line-up that is designed to outperform x86 based servers on a variety of data intensive workloads. For further information visit: www.ibm.biz/powerlc Vectra Networks takes on backdoors in data centre firewalls planted by advanced adversaries Vectra Networks has introduced a comprehensive approach to detect backdoors embedded in network infrastructure including firewalls, servers, routers and switches, found at the heart of private enterprise data centres and public clouds. In addition to going after firewalls, switches and routers, attackers are also targeting the administrative credentials used to watch over and secure your data centre. Vectra detection capabilities include the concept of watching these watchers by detecting rogue and compromised administrators. For example, Vectra monitors for improper use of administrative activity including those involving low-level management protocols such as IPMI. These protocols are increasingly targeted by attackers because they give a backdoor into the virtual environment yet are rarely monitored by security solutions. Vectra virtual sensors connect to any vSwitch to analyse traffic and detect threats passing between workloads within the virtual environment. Vectra also integrates with VMware vCenter to provide an always up to date and authoritative view of your virtual environment. For further information visit: www.vectranetworks.com 45